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    Soil Resistivity Tester, 0 to 30kΩ

    Factory-price soil resistivity tester is designed for measuring ground resistance, soil resistivity, and ground voltage on-site. It is also a digital earth resistance tester, with a 0.00~30000Ω large range, suitable for electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment.
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    Soil resistivity tester for sale online. It is also a earth resistance tester that can measure ground resistance, soil resistivity, and ground voltage on-site, available with a 0~30000 ohm large range, reading, consulting, saving, reporting, printing and other historical data functions, widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment.


    • Soil resistivity tester is available with a 0.00~30kΩ measure range and a waterproof case.
      Digital soil resistivity tester has a precise 3/4-wire and simple 2-wire method to measure earth resistance, soil resistivity and earth voltage.
    • It has imported FFT (fast Fourier transform) technology, and AFC (automatic frequency control) technology, with unique anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability, high repeat test consistency.
    • Package with waterproof protection box, waterproof, crash-proof, anti-drop and durable, and large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack, especially suitable for use at outdoor construction sites.
    • The soil resistivity tester is equipped with a large LCD display of the host machine with a white backlight and bar graph indication that can be seen clearly. Alarm function, overload protection function, auto shutdown and data upload function.


    Model ATO-ERT-3100C
    Earth Resistance(R) Range: 0.00Ω~30.00Ω Resolution: 0.01Ω Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt
    Range: 30.0Ω~300.0Ω Resolution: 0.1Ω Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt
    Range : 300Ω~3000Ω Resolution: 1Ω Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt
    Range: 3.00kΩ~30.00kΩ Resolution: 10Ω Accuracy: ±4%rdg±3dgt
    Earth Voltage Range: AC 0.0~600V Resolution: 0.1V Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt
    Soil Resistivity(ρ) Range: 0.00Ωm~99.99Ωm Resolution: 0.01Ωm

    Accuracy: According to the precision of R

    (ρ=2πaR, a: 1 m-100m, π=3.14)

    Range: 100.0Ωm~999.9Ωm Resolution: 0.1Ωm
    Range: 1000Ωm~9999Ωm Resolution: 1Ωm
    Range: 10.00kΩm~99.99kΩm Resolution: 10Ωm
    Range: 100.0kΩm~999.9kΩm Resolution: 100Ωm
    Range: 1000kΩm~9000kΩm Resolution: 1kΩm
    Power Supply DC 7.4V 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, full charge about DC 8.4V
    Measurement Method Earth Resistance:  rated current change-pole method, measure current 20mA Max Soil Resistivity:  Wenner 4-pole measurement Earth Voltage:  average rectification(between P(S)-ES)
    Test Frequency 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz (AFC)
    Test Voltage Wave Sine wave    
    Short-circuit Test Current AC 20mA max Open-circuit Test Current AC 40V max
    Data Storage 300 groups Data Hold Data hold function: "HOLD" symbol display
    Data Access Data access function: "READ" symbol display Overflow Display Exceeding measure range overflow function:  "OL" symbol display
    LCD Dimension LCD Frame Dimension:  128mm×75mm; LCD Display Dimension: 124mm×67mm
    Tester Dimension 280mm(L)×260mm(W)×160mm(H)
    Weight Total Weight: 5700g(with package)
    Testing Wires Red 20m, black 20m, yellow 10m, green 10m, red 1.6m, black 1.6m (total 6pcs wires)
    Auxiliary Ground Rod 4PCS: Φ10mm×250mmp10mmx250mm
    USB Interface With a USB interface, software monitoring, stored data can be uploaded to a computer, saved and printed, data transmission cable length: 1.5m
    Alarm Function Measure value exceeds alarm setting value, will "Toot-toot-toot" alarm indication
    Auto Shutdown 15 minutes after power is on, will automatically shut down without any operation.
    Overload Protection Measure earth resistance: between each interfaces of C(H)-E, P(S)-ES, AC 280V/3 seconds
    Interference Test Automatic recognition of interference signal, interference voltage higher than 5V will display the "NOISE" symbol
    Auxiliary Grounding Test Auxiliary earth resistance test function: 0.00kΩ~30kΩ(100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)
    Protection Level IP65(close the case)
    Battery Voltage When the battery voltage decreases to around DC 7.2V+0.1V, will display the battery voltage low symbol, and remind to replace the battery
    Working Current Standby:  around 20mA (Backlight close); Power on with backlight: 45mA (backlight close 25mA); Measurement: 100mA (Backlight close)
    Accessories Tester: 1PC; Ground Rod: 4PCS; Test wires: 4PCS; Simple test wire: 2PCS; USB data transmission cable: 1PCS; Tester bag: 1PCS; Special charger: 1PCS

    Note: The additional error when rCmax or rPmax is ≤ ± 3% rdg ± 5dgt.


    Soil resistivity tester details


    ATO provides earth resistance testers with a measurement range of 0.00Ω-300kWΩ, which are widely used in ground resistance measurement and loop resistance measurement in fields such as electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction, and industrial electrical equipment. When measuring the grounding system with a loop, the ground resistance tester does not need auxiliary electrodes and does not need to disconnect the grounding wire, which is safer and faster.

    Soil resistivity tester applicationsTips: Do we need to test soil resistivity regularly?

    It depends on whether your current or future needs require soil resistivity testing as it will determine the type of ground resistance tester you need. For example, if your work involves the design or installation of a new grounding system, soil resistivity testing is a must. Currently, most people use a ground resistance tester to test soil resistivity.

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