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    Surge Protective Device for LED Light, 10kV

    Recommended surge protector device specially used for outdoor LED lighting systems. This 10kV LED surge protector has built-in L-N, L-PE, N-PE, L, and N-PE protection modes, IP67, and parallel connection, which can be installed on LED lamps or connected to the LED power driver to provide reliable lightning surge protection.
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    Low price 10kV surge protection device is designed specifically for outdoor LED lighting systems. The provided LED lighting SPD with built-in L-N, L-PE, N-PE, L, and N-PE protection modes, IP67, and parallel connection can be easily installed on LED lamps or connected to the LED power supply.


    • Model: ATO-YQ-SPD-P10B(03)
    • Un: 100~300V
    • Fn: 50/60Hz
    • In: 5kA
    • Imax: 10kA
    • Uoc: 10kV
    • MCOV: 350V
    • Response Time: 20s
    • Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃
    • Connection Form: Parallel Connection
    • Protection Level: IP67
    • Built-in Protection Mode: L-N, L-PE, N-PE, L, N-PE
    • Application: Class I or Class II Lamps


    • This 10kV surge protector is specially designed for LED power supplies and can self-heal insurance and automatically disconnect for repair.
    • It has built-in fast semiconductor protection, fast response speed, and adopts low capacitance inductor design for fast transmission performance.
    • Recommended LED surge protector has small insertion loss, high transmission rate of 10~100m, long transmission performance, low resistance to reduce signal attenuation, and can protect itself when the voltage exceeds.

    Installation Guide

    Enter Wire Length Wire Diameter Lamp Category Wire Color
    100mm±5mm 1.0-1.5mm Class I L-Brown, N-Blue, G/PE-Yellow-Green
    100mm±5mm 1.0-1.5mm2  Class II L-Brown, N-Blue
    100mm±5mm 16AWG Class I L-Brown, N-Blue, G/PE-Yellow-Green


    1. The input cable is connected to the AC network. Improper installation will seriously damage the performance of the SPD.
    2. The wire length can be customized according to customer requirements.
    3. Please use one M3*6 self-tapping screw to fix the SPD.

    Installation Diagram

    Surge protective device installation diagram


    This good surge protector is a transient overvoltage protection device specially used for outdoor LED lighting systems. It is mainly composed of a transient surge protection device varistor and a gas discharge tube. It can be installed in LED lamps or lamp posts the LED power driver is connected to provide reliable lightning surge protection, effectively improving the stability and service life of the lamp.

    Surge protective device for LED lighting

    Tips: Why does an LED power supply need a surge protector?

    An LED power supply may need a surge protector to safeguard against voltage surges, spikes, and transient electrical disturbances in the electrical supply. Surges can occur due to various reasons, such as lightning strikes, power grid fluctuations, or the switching on and off of high-power electrical devices.

    LED power supplies are sensitive electronic components, and excessive voltage surges can damage them, leading to premature failure or even complete malfunction. By using a surge protector, voltage spikes are diverted away from the LED power supply, preventing them from reaching and damaging the sensitive components. This protective device serves as a barrier, absorbing and dissipating the excess energy to maintain a stable and safe voltage supply for the LEDs.

    In summary, a surge protector is crucial for LED power supplies to ensure their longevity and reliable performance by mitigating the risks associated with voltage surges and transient electrical events.

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