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    Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Modbus RTU

    Buy a sensor for humidity and temperature online. It uses the optical cold mirror principle to directly measure temperature and humidity. High-precision temperature and humidity sensor is equipped with standard Modbus RTU communication, widely used in measurement and testing, aviation, university scientific research, meteorological environment, electronic power, medicine and other industries.
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    High-quality temperature and humidity sensor adpots the optical cold mirror principle and standard Modbus RTU communication to directly measure temperature and humidity. ATO temp and humidity sensor is suitable for measurement and testing, aviation, university research, meteorological environment and electronic power.


    • The high-precision temp and humidity sensor adopts optical cold mirror measurement method and standard MODBUS RTU communication, which has good repeatability and long-term stability.
    • It can make accurate temperature and humidity measurements and provide various related parameter conversions.
    • This temperature and humidity sensor is equipped with an automatic balancing system, short warm-up time, and fast response.
    • Its converter is connected to a computer to record data and curves, and an optional host computer can display the data.


    • Model: AHTT2820
    • Humidity Measuring Range: 4.50~100%RH@20°C (When the ambient temperature is 20°c, the lowest humidity that can be measured is 4.50%RH.)
    • Humidity Accuracy: ±1% (@<90%RH), (Calibration Range: 5~90%@23℃)
    • Humidity Resolution: 0.01%RH
    • Temperature Measuring Range: -40~+80℃
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.10℃ (Calibration Range -10~+60℃)
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.01℃
    • Temperature Repeatability: ±0.05℃
    • Working Environment: -40~+80℃, 1~99%RH
    • Output Signal: Modbus RTU Communication
    • Cable: 2.0m
    • Response Time: Maximum Refrigeration Speed 0.8℃/s + Equilibrium Establishment Time (Usually 15s)
    • Sampling Air Flow: 0.1~1NL/min
    • Power Supply: 5V/1A 5W (When Relative Humidity >10%RH, Actual Power <0.5W 5V/0.1A)
    • Display: Optional Upper Computer Software Display or Host Display
    • Working Pressure: Standard Atmospheric Pressure (Other Working Pressures Can be Customized)


    Temperature and humidity transmitter details


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    Tips: Temperature and Humidity Sensor MODBUS RTU Output

    A Temperature and Humidity Sensor utilizing MODBUS RTU output communicates data over a serial network using the MODBUS RTU protocol. This sensor collects temperature and humidity measurements from its environment and transmits the data in a standardized format compatible with MODBUS-enabled devices.

    MODBUS RTU, a widely used protocol in industrial automation, defines the message structure for exchanging data between devices connected via serial communication. The sensor adheres to this standard by packaging temperature and humidity readings into MODBUS-compatible data frames. These frames typically include fields specifying the sensor's address, function codes, and data values in a binary format.

    To utilize this sensor, a MODBUS master device (such as a PLC or a computer with a MODBUS RTU interface) sends specific commands to read the sensor's data. The sensor responds with the requested measurements formatted as per the MODBUS RTU protocol. This approach ensures interoperability with various industrial control systems and allows for seamless integration into existing networks.

    Key benefits of employing MODBUS RTU for sensor communication include robustness, simplicity, and widespread support within industrial environments. This standardized approach simplifies sensor integration, facilitating efficient data exchange between different components in an industrial automation setup.

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