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    Temperature and Humidity Sensor/Transmitter with Display

    Temperature and humidity transmitter with LCD display can convert the air temp and humidity into 4-20mA standard signal, with dustproof probe and metal filter screen. It is duct and wall mounted, wide measuring range, long-term stability and high accuracy.
    SKU: ATO-TAHT-FG2020
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    Temperature and humidity transmitter with LCD display converts the air temperature and humidity into 4-20mA standard signal, and mounts in duct or on the wall.

    Application: Temperature and humidity transmitter is widely used in meteorology, tobacco, chemicals, medical and health, food industry and other occasions that need air temperature and humidity measurement and control.


    Model ATO-TAHT-FG2020
    Weight 130g
    Dimension (L*W*H) 230.5*80*40.5mm
    Output signal 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, RS485, RS232 (Optional)
    Supply voltage DC 12-24V
    Measuring range of relative humidity 0~100%RH
    Measuring range of temperature -20~80℃
    Accuracy of humidity ±3%RH (20% ~ 80%)
    Accuracy of temperature ±0.5℃ (-10℃ ~ 60℃)
    Resolution 0.1℃/0.1%RH
    Long-term stability <2%RH/year, <0.2℃/year
    Power consumption <50mA
    Response time 8s
    Power-on time 3s
    Housing material PC
    Working environment Temperature: -20~80℃, humidity: 0~99.9% no condensation
    Storage environment Temperature: -40~80℃, humidity: <90%RH
    Connection type 4-way free terminal spacing: 5.08mm
    Product packing list 1*ATO-TAHT-FG2020 with 50cm four-core shield wire, 1*flange (duct mounted), 3*mounting screw
    Wiring Red: V+, black: GND, yellow: RH (humidity output 4-20mA), white: T (temperature output 4-20mA)

    Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):

    Dimensions of Temperature and Humidity Sensor Transmitter with Display

    Built-in switch setting for measuring range of temperature:

    Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3 Measuring range of temperature
    OFF OFF OFF -20~+80℃
    OFF OFF ON 0~+50℃
    OFF ON OFF 0~+100℃
    OFF ON ON -30~+130℃
    ON OFF OFF 0~+80℃
    ON OFF ON 0~+120℃
    ON ON OFF -40~+60℃
    ON ON ON Settable

    Tips: Why should temperature and humidity sensor/transmitter be calibrated regularly?

    1. The temperature and humidity sensor cannot be sealed and protected.
    2. The measuring part is always in contact with dust and chemicals in the measuring medium.
    3. The electrical part of the temp and humidity sensor will change due to the passage of time, temperature change and mechanical vibration.
    4. The above factors will cause the temperature and humidity sensor to drift.

    The purpose of calibration:

    1. Determine the error of the indication value, and determine whether it is within the expected allowable error range.
    2. Get the report value of the deviation of the nominal value, which can adjust the temperature and humidity sensor or correct the indicated value.
    3. Ensure that the value given by the temperature and humidity sensor is accurate to achieve traceability.
    4. Calibration is the execution of a predefined process to determine the relationship between known input values and output values, which is carried out under specified conditions.
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