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    18AWG Hook-Up Wire, UL1015, 600V, 2000 ft

    18AWG insulated hook-up wire for sale online, 600V, 2000 ft. It meets UL 1015 standard for tinned cooper wire. Electric stranded cable with different color of PVC outer cover for insulation, widely used in wiring appliances and electronics.
    SKU: ATO-UL1015-18
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    Hook up wire provides good electrical connection and PVC insulation keeps wires from abrasion, chemical and solvents. The insulated wire is widely used for industrial, electronics and automotive applications.


    Model ATO-UL1015-18
    UL Style 1015
    Size 18 AWG
    Rated Voltage 600V
    Color (Optional) White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Gray, Blue, Orange, Purple
    Rated Temperature 105 ℃
    Conductor Tinned/ Bare Copper
    Conductor Type Stranded
    Conductor Size (±0.005) NO. 16/ 0.254mm
    Conductor Resistance 20℃ 23.20 Ω/km
    Conductor Diameter 1.17mm
    Insulation PVC
    Insulation Thickness Nom. 0.80mm
    Min. 0.69mm
    Overall Diameter Average 2.75mm
    Tolerance ±0.10mm
    Package 2000 ft/roll
    Weight 9kg


    Details of UL1015 18AWG Isulated Copper Wire

    Tips: The life span of electrical hook up wires

    The life span of the electrical hook up wires can reach 10 to 20 years. But after the wire aging and insulation performance decline, it is easy to produce short circuit. Especially in wet weather, short circuit occurs when water immersed in the metal conductor. If the aging wire through the carpet, combustible decorative materials, it is easy to cause fire accidents. The service life of wire is based on the thermal and electrical stress effects of insulation. The durable years of various service conditions vary considerably according to their layout environment and service conditions.

    The shortening of wire life is mainly due to the following reasons:

    • Electrical factors: over voltage and over current, etc.
    • Physical or electrical deterioration occurs due to internal water immersion of wires.
    • Mechanical factors: impact, compression, bending, torsion, tensile and vibration.
    • Temperature factor: physical properties are degraded due to low or high temperature.
    • Chemical factors: physical properties or electrical deterioration caused by oil or drugs.
    • Ultraviolet, ozone and salt attachment.
    • Degradation caused by mildew and other microorganisms.
    • Poor construction.
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