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    16AWG Hook-Up Wire, UL1007, 300V, 2000 ft

    UL1007 16AWG hook-up wire for sale, 2000 ft, rated voltage 300V. PVC insulated copper cable is used for internal wring of appliance and electronic equipment lead wires of motors and lamps where exposed to temperatures not exceeding 80℃.
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    UL1007 wire is oil, bent and high temperature resistant. It is widely used in wiring of appliance sand electronic equipment lead wires of motors and lamps.


    Model ATO-UL1007-16
    UL Style 1007
    Size 16 AWG
    Rated Voltage 300V
    Color (Optional) White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Gray, Blue, Orange, Purple
    Rated Temperature 80 ℃
    Conductor Tinned/ Bare Copper
    Conductor Type Stranded
    Conductor Size (±0.005) NO. 26/ 0.254mm
    Conductor Resistance 20℃ 14.6 Ω/km
    Conductor Diameter 1.50mm
    Insulation PVC
    Insulation Thickness Nom. 0.40mm
    Min. 0.33mm
    Overall Diameter Average 2.30mm
    Tolerance ±0.1mm
    Standard UL758, UL1581, Passed UL VW-1 test, ROHS Compliant
    Package 2000 ft/roll
    Weight 9kg


    Details of UL1007 16AWG Isulated Copper Wire

    Tips: What are reasons of UL electrical hook up wire damage?

    • Insulation aging and deterioration
      The insulation of UL electrical wire is subjected to the thermal, chemical and mechanical effects by the electrical action, so that the physical and chemical changes of the insulating medium occur, the insulation level of the medium decreases, and the insulation is affected with moisture. The insulation of the intermediate joint or terminal head is affected with moisture because of the upper and lower sealing structure or the poor installation quality.
    • Wire overheat
      The internal cause is the wire insulation internal air gap dissociation caused by local heat, so that the insulation carbonization. The external cause is that the cables installed in densely wire areas, wire tunnels and other places, the wires in the dry pipe and the wires close to the pipeline will be due to excessive load or poor heat dissipation of the wires, and accelerate the damage of insulation.
    • Mechanical damage
      It mainly refers to wire damage caused by external force. This is mainly due to vehicle vibration and other mechanical effects, so that the wire deformation. The deformation can lead to excessive bending, damaging the internal insulation or causing an air gap inside the insulation.
    • Corrosion of protective layer
      The lead package of wire is corroded by electrolysis or chemical action, and there are red, yellow, orange and light yellow compounds or pores similar to sponges on the lead package due to different corrosion properties and degrees.
    • Over voltage caused breakdown
      Atmospheric overvoltage and internal overvoltage cause the wire insulation to withstand stress beyond the allowable value and cause breakdown. Moreover, the analysis of the actual faults shows that many outdoor terminal head faults are caused by atmospheric overvoltage.
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