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    10AWG Hook-Up Wire, UL1015, 600V, 1000 ft

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    10AWG hook-up insulated wire with 600V rated voltage, stranded, UL1015, 1000 ft. PVC insulated copper cable is used for internal wiring of appliance and electronic equipment lead wires of motors and lamps where exposed to temperatures not exceeding 105℃.
    SKU: ATO-UL1015-10
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    PVC insulated UL1015 hook-up wire is high temperature resistant, which widely used in wiring of appliance sand electronic equipment and lead wires of motors and lamps.


    Model ATO-UL1015-10
    UL Style 1015
    Size 10 AWG
    Rated Voltage 600V
    Color (Optional) White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Gray, Blue, Orange, Purple
    Rated Temperature 105 ℃
    Conductor Tinned/ Bare Copper
    Conductor Type Stranded
    Conductor Size (±0.005) NO. 105/ 0.254mm
    Conductor Resistance 20℃ 3.54 Ω/km
    Conductor Diameter 3.00mm
    Insulation PVC
    Insulation Thickness Nom. 0.80mm
    Min. 0.69mm
    Overall Diameter Average 4.60mm
    Tolerance ±0.15mm
    Package 1000 ft/roll
    Weight 6.5kg


    Details of UL1015 10AWG Isulated Copper Wire

    Tips: Why do electrical wires age?

    • Environment and temperature
      The external environment and heat source where the wire is located will cause its temperature too high, insulation breakdown, and even explosion and fire.
    • Chemical corrosion
      The UL wire is directly buried in the area with acid and alkali effect, leading to corrosion of cable armor and outer protective layer. The protective layer is subjected to chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, resulting in wire failure.
    • External force damage
      A considerable number of electrical wire faults are caused by mechanical damage.
    • Wire connector fault
      The wire connector is the weakest link in the cable line. Its failure caused by personnel's direct fault (bad construction) often occurs. Construction personnel in the process of making wire joints, if there is a joint crimping is not tight and heating is not sufficient, all these will cause the insulation of the wire head to be reduced, thereby arousing the accident.
    • Long-term overload operation of UL electrical wire
      Due to the thermal effect of the current, the load current through the wire will cause the conductor heating. At the same time, the skin effect of the charge, the eddy current loss of steel armor and insulation medium loss will also produce additional heat, so that the wire temperature rises. Long-term overload operation, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation to make insulation breakdown.
    Existing reviews of 10AWG Hook-Up Wire, UL1015, 600V, 1000 ft
    10AWG hook-up wire works very well!
    I use this 10AWG hook-up wire for nose pieces in my handmade face masks. Since it is copper hook-up wire won't rust and is washable.
    From: Farrah | Date: 08/06/2022
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    It’s good
    Insulated hook-up wires with a PVC cover are suitable for DIY home electronics. The reasonably priced wires are easy to use and exactly as described in the product information.
    From: Dian | Date: 30/05/2022
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