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    Vibration Transmitter, 4-20 mA

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    Low price vibration transmitter with a wide velocity range from 10 mm/s to 50 mm/s, works at 4-20 mA output current and 24 V voltage. The vibration sensor has the characteristics of digitization, multi-function and intelligence. It is suitable for various complicated environment.
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    The vibration transmitter is a integrative transmitter, installed directly on the bearing cover of various rotary machineand device, widely used in various thermal power plant, cementplant, machine plant, blower plant, paper made plant, coal minemachine, be aimed to achieve high accuracy vibration measurement systems in industry applications.

    Feature:vibration transmitter

    • Vibration velocity, vibration displacement measured
    • 4-20mA output, 2-wire, 3-wire
    • Process Connection: M10X1.5; 1/2”NPT; 1/4”NPT
    • Electrical connector: aviation plug, water-proof plug
    • Stainless steel material suitable for various complicated environment
    • Explosion-proof Class: ExdllTB4


    Model ATO-MVT100
    Iterm Vibration transmitter
    Measured vibration Vibration velocity/displacement
    Frequency response 5-1000Hz
    Natural frequency 5Hz
    Vibration velocity 0-10mm/s, 0-25mm/s, 0-50mm/s
    Vibration displacement 0-100um, 0-200um, 0-500um
    Output 4-20mA, 3 wire; 2 wire option
    Output impedance <500 ohm
    Max acceleration 10g
    Measure direction Vertical or horizontal directly
    Process connection M10 ×1.5; 1/2NPT; 1/4"NPT
    Electrical connector Aviation plug, water-proof, option
    House material Stainless steel, IP65
    Explosion-proof class EXdIlBT4
    Process Temperature -20℃ to 8o℃
    Working ambient 30℃ to 50℃; ≤90%,
    Size 45x95x118mm, 45mm, 57mm,
    Power supply 24V DC

    Selection table:

    Vibration range Vibration velocity: 0-10mm/s
    Vibration velocity: 0-25mm/s
    Vibration velocity: 0-50mm/s
    Vibration displacement: 0-100um
    Vibration displacement: 0-200um
    Vibration displacement: 0-500um
    Process connection size M10x1.5
    Electrical connector type Aviation plug 
    Output  4-20mA, 3 Wire 
    4-20mA, 2 Wire 

    Dimension: (unit=mm)

    vibration transmitter sizeElectrical connection:

    vibration transmitter electrical connection

     Tips: Classification of vibration sensors

    Due to the different principles of electromechanical transformation inside the sensor, the output power is also different. These power quantities cannot be directly accepted by subsequent display, record, and analysis instruments. Therefore, for sensors with different electromechanical transformation principles, special measurement circuits must be attached. The function of the measurement circuit is to turn the output power of the sensor into a general voltage signal that can be accepted by the subsequent display and analysis instrument. Therefore, vibration sensors can be divided into the following categories:

    According to the principle of mechanical receiving: relative type, inertial type
    According to the principle of electromechanical transformation: electric, piezoelectric, eddy current, inductive, capacitive, resistive, photoelectric
    According to the measured mechanical quantity: displacement sensor, speed sensor, acceleration sensor, force sensor, strain sensor, torsional vibration sensor, torque sensor.

    Existing reviews of Vibration Transmitter, 4-20 mA
    I am interested in this unit
    I am interested in this unit, but before that, can you please advise if this is a right choice for measuring vibration of a motor driving a rotary shaft through a belt driven sheave? I am note sure of the required range but to be safe will go with the largest scale, 0-50 mm/s.
    From: Sameh | Date: 15/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    This vibration transmitter is usually used to measure the vibration of the motor housing. It can be used as long as it is testing vibration. So are you measuring the vibration of the motor or the vibration of the pulley driving the rotating shaft? For the measurement part, the installation of the transmitter is generally fixed with screws. You can purchase a Vibration Transmitter for testing.
    Worth buying
    This 4-20mA vibration transmitter is well worth the buy! It can be used in many fields in industrial applications. Its texture is very hard and can work in extremely harsh environments.
    From: Enoksen | Date: 23/11/2021
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