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    Voltage Monitoring Relay, Under/Over Voltage, 1 Phase, 110-240V AC/DC

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    Single phase voltage monitoring relay, suitable for undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring of DC 12V, AC/DC 24-48V or AC/DC 110V-240V, adjustable delay time, compact size relay with 1 CO & 1 NC contacts, real-time LCD for voltage, operation and fault status display, DIN rail mounting, high quality and low cost.
    SKU: ATO-MR-SVR1000
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    The AC/DC voltage monitoring relay with LCD display is a multifunctional monitoring and protection device. The relay is applied in supply voltage of DC 12V, AC/DC 24-48V or AC/DC 110V-240V to protect the equipment or devices from undervoltage and overvoltage in the applications like air compressors, electric motors, pumps, fans, air-conditioning system, blowers, elevators, cranes, refrigeration equipment, laser equipment, industrial control system, etc.


    • Powered by the measuring circuit
    • Compatible with AC and DC supply
    • LCD display and keypad afford precise digital setting
    • Compact size in DIN rail mounting
    • Adjustable overvoltage and undervoltage threshold
    • Independent adjustable delay time for overvoltage, undervoltage
    • Adjustable reset mode: automatic reset or manual reset
    • Monitoring relay with 1 CO + 1 NC contacts
    • Fault recording for the last 3 faults


    Model ATO-SVR1000/D12 ATO-SVR1000/AD48 ATO-SVR1000/AD220
    Measuring Circuit AC/DC circuit (A1+, A2-)
    Monitoring Functions Overvoltage, Undervoltage
    Rated Voltage DC 12V AC/DC 24-48V 50/60Hz AC/DC 110-240V 50/60Hz
    Undervoltage Setting Range DC 9-18V adjustable AC/DC 20-80V adjustable AC/DC 50-300V adjustable
    Overvoltage Setting Range DC 9-18V adjustable AC/DC 20-80V adjustable AC/DC 50-300V adjustable
    Voltage Hysteresis 0.1-6.0V adjustable 0.1-30.0V adjustable 1.0-90.0V adjustable
    Delay Time for Overvoltage & Undervoltage 0.1-999s adjustable
    Reset Mode Manual/Automatic/Automatic with power-on delay
    Delay Time for Reset 0.1-999s adjustable
    Indicator LCD display indicating voltage, operation and fault status
    Fault Records The last 3 faults
    Output Contacts 1 CO + 1 NC
    Contact Capacity 6A, 250V AC (resistive load)
    Degree of Protection IP 20
    Working Conditions Operating Temperature -25℃~65℃
    Humidity ≤85%RH, non-condensing
    Mechanical Durability 1,000,000 cycles
    Dielectric Strength >2kVAC 1min
    Mounting 35mm DIN rail
    Weight 130g
    Dimensions (H*W*D) 80*43*54mm

    Wiring Diagram

    1-Phase Voltage AC Monitoring Relay Wiring Diagram

    1. Relay contacts position shown in "Power-on" (Healthy) condition. If power is off or any fault occurs, the relay contacts will be opposite to the diagram.
    2. For DC power, the polarities must be correctly connected. Otherwise, the relay doesn't work.

    Tips: Under/Over Voltage Monitoring Relay Function

    The under/over voltage monitoring relay is used to automatically disconnect the circuit when the overvoltage and undervoltage in the line exceed the specified value and can automatically detect the line voltage, and it can automatically connect the circuit when the voltage in the line returns to normal, so as to protect our electricity safety.

    The voltage monitoring relay is mainly used to protect the insulation of electrical equipment such as generators, transformers, vacuum switches, busbars, and motors from damage by overvoltage.

    When the power supply line has overvoltage and under voltage, the voltage monitoring relay can quickly and safely cut off the circuit under continuous high-voltage impact to avoid the occurrence of accidents caused by abnormal voltage being sent to the terminal appliances. When the voltage returns to the normal value, the monitoring relay will automatically connect the circuit within the specified time to ensure that the terminal appliances are in normal operation under unattended duty.

    3-Phase Monitoring Relay Phase Failure & Phase Sequence Testing

    In this video, we will give you a test of ATO 3-phase monitoring relay on phase failure and phase sequence, and the relay does the job at such these cases to protect the motor. In addition, this multi-purpose monitoring relay has other monitoring functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage unbalance, timer & counter.

    Existing reviews of Voltage Monitoring Relay, Under/Over Voltage, 1 Phase, 110-240V AC/DC
    What is the Aux. Power Supply voltage range?
    Hi. For your DC under and overvoltage relay (ATO-MR-SVR1000), what is the Aux. Power Supply voltage range?
    From: Raymond | Date: 24/11/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Hi, Raymond. There is no need for Aux. Power Supply, and the relay is directly connected to your circuit for using.
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