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    Wind Speed Meter, 0~30 m/s, Handheld

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    Cheap wind speed meter is an instrument for measuring wind speed and direction. Weather station anemometer with a wind speed measurement range of 0~30 m/s is perfect for agriculture and forestry, hydrology. Handheld anemometer can measure instantaneous wind speed, instantaneous wind level average wind speed, average wind level and corresponding wave height at the same time.
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    Hot selling wind speed meter is a handheld anemometer. It can measure wind speed and wind direction. Wind meter has a wind speed measurement range of 0~30 m/s and is suitable for weather stations, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, scientific research, etc.

    Wind Speed Meter Features

    • The wind speed meter is a weather station anemometer. The wind speed measurement part adopts microcomputer technology, which can simultaneously measure the instantaneous wind speed, the average wind speed of the instantaneous wind level, the average wind level and the corresponding wave height. It has a data latch function for easy reading.
    • The wind direction part adopts an automatic north pointing device, which does not require manual alignment during measurement, which simplifies the measurement operation. ATO wind speed meters can be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research, etc.


    • Model: ATO-WX-QX20
    • Working voltage: 3V DC (AA battery*2)
    • Communication: USB
    • Overall size: 410mmx100mmx100mm
    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • Working environment: -20℃~80℃, 5%RH~95%RH


    Measurement element Wind speed Wind direction
    Measurement range 0~30 m/s 0~360°
    Accuracy ±(0.3+0.03v) m/s ±1/2 direction
    Resolution 0.1m/s 1 direction

    Wind Speed Meter Details

    Wind speed meter details

    Tips for measuring wind direction

    • Before using the anemometer to measure, check whether the wind direction part is vertically and firmly connected to the cage of the wind cup of the anemometer and rotate the tray nut in the opposite direction to lower the tray supporting the steering wheel of the table so that the shaft tip is connected to the prototype bearing. touch.
    • When using the weather station anemometer to measure, the azimuth reading should be read when the wind direction pointer is stable.
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    Light wind speed meter
    This wind speed meter is small, light and easy to carry. Most importantly, wind meter worked well, measured accurately and greatly facilitated my work.
    From: Daye | Date: 14/07/2022
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