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    0-1300 μm Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

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    Factory price coating thickness gauge for sale online. Paint thickness gauge with a built-in precision probe can work under the principle of electromagnetic induction and eddy current. It has a 0-1300μm measuring range, ±3%+2μm accuracy, and 0.1μm resolution. The paint thickness tester can be measured quickly and accurately without damage.
    SKU: ATO-CTG-1300
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    Buy coating thickness gauge at low price.  A paint depth gauge is a thickness measuring tool that can work stably in laboratories, workshops and outdoors. The paint thickness tester has a 0-1300μm measuring range, ±3%+2μm accuracy, and 0.1μm resolution.


    Model ATO-TC-100
    Sensing Probe Ferromagnetism Non-Ferromagnetic
    Working Principle Electromagnetic Induction Eddy Current Effect
    Measuring Range 0-1300μm 0-1300μm
    Accuracy ±3%+2μm ±3%+2μm
    Resolution 0.1μm 0.1μm
    Minimum Thickness 0.5mm 0.3mm
    Minimum Curvature Radius 1.5mm
    Minimum Measuring Area (Diameter) 6mm
    Unit μm/ mil
    Power Supply 9V
    Operating Environment Temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104°F)
    Humidity: 20%-90%RH
    No Strong Magnetic Field
    Dimensions 125mm*61mm*33mm
    Net Weight 0.1kg
    Package Weight 0.4kg

    0-1300μm Coating Thickness Gauge Details

    Details of 0-1300μm coating thickness gaugeDetails of 0-1300μm coating thickness gauge

    Tips: Features of coating thickness gauge

    The coating thickness gauge has small measurement error, high reliability, good stability and easy operation. The paint thickness gauge is an indispensable testing instrument to control and ensure product quality and is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing fields.

    Existing reviews of 0-1300 μm Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
    Accurate and easy to use.
    This thickness gauge is very easy to use right out of the box, just turn it on and press on the painted surface to take immediate measurements. The measurements are repeatable, so it seems accurate. I use it to quickly check the panels on used cars.
    From: natan | Date: 29/06/2022
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    Love this thickness gauge
    I purchased a 0-1300 μm coating thickness gauge to check the thickness of my paint. This is very useful for paint correction checks to see how much clear coat the vehicle has before any correction tools are performed to work as intended.
    From: Linder | Date: 24/10/2022
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