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    0-1700 μm Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

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    Get a precision coating thickness gauge from to help measure coating or plating thickness on metals. The wholesale price paint thickness gauge has a resolution of 0.1μm and 20 sets of data storage. It can complete thickness measurements of 0-1700μm.
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    Best coating thickness gauge for sale online. It is an ideal auxiliary manufacturing measurement tool for the paint, anti-corrosion, electroplating, automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and other related industries. Paint depth gauge can complete thickness measurements from 0-1700μm with 0.1μm resolution and 20 sets of data storage.


    • Model:  ATO-AR9332
    • Measuring Range: 0-1700μm
    • Accuracy: ± (1+3%H) μm
    • Resolution: 0.1μm
    • Minimum Measuring Area: Magnetic: 25x25mm/ Not Magnetic: 25x25mm
    • Minimum Curvature: 30mm Concave/ 5mm Convex
    • Minimum Thickness: Magnetic: 0.2mm/ Not Magnetic: 0.05mm
    • LCD Display:
    • Low Battery Reminder Function:
    • Zero Point Calibration:
    • Single/ Continuous Measurement:
    • Auto Power-off:
    • Unit Conversion:
    • Data Storage: 20 Groups
    • Work Environment: 0-50℃
    • Power Supply: 2*1.5V AAA Batteries
    • Dimension: 123*55.6*28.8mm
    • Package Weight: 0.2kg

    0-1700μm Coating Thickness Gauge Details

    0-1700 μm Coating Thickness Gauge Details

    Paint Thickness Gauge Applications

    Paint thickness gauge applications

    Tips: Eddy current measurement principle of coating thickness tester

    The high-frequency AC signal generates an electromagnetic field in the probe coil, and when the probe approaches the conductor, eddy currents are formed in the conductor. The closer the probe is to the conductive substrate, the greater the eddy current and the greater the reflected impedance. This feedback effect represents the distance between the probe and the conductive substrate, that is, the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the conductive substrate. Because this type of probe specializes in measuring the thickness of the coating on a non-ferromagnetic metal substrate, it is usually called a non-magnetic probe. The non-magnetic probe uses high-frequency materials as the coil core, such as platinum nickel alloy or other new materials.

    Compared with the principle of magnetic induction, their main difference is that the probe is different, the frequency of the signal is different, and the size and scale of the signal are different. Like the magnetic induction paint thickness gauge, the eddy current coating thickness gauge has a resolution of 0.1μm, an allowable error of 1%, and a range of 10 mm. The coating thickness gauge adopts the principle of eddy current, in principle, it can measure the non-conductor coating on all conductors, such as the surface of aerospace aircraft, vehicles, household appliances, aluminum alloy doors and windows and other aluminum products, plastics coating and anodized film. The coating material has a certain degree of conductivity, which can also be measured by calibration, but the ratio of the conductivity of the two is required to be at least 3-5 times different (such as chrome plating on copper). Although the steel substrate is also an electrical conductor, it is more appropriate to use the principle of magnetism for such tasks.

    Existing reviews of 0-1700 μm Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
    The digital thickness gauge is perfect enough
    The coating thickness gauge reads accurately enough for my needs and is excellent for the price. Easy to calibrate right out of the box and the included calibration samples are a fun way to practice. Still needs some internet research to interpret the readings, but the device is easy to read.
    From: Ryan | Date: 29/06/2022
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