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    0-2000 μm Precise Coating Thickness Gauge, Double Probe

    ATO Precise Coating Thickness Gauge with double principle probe, mainly used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on metal surface, as well as the thickness of non-ferromagnetic coating on ferromagnetic metal, measuring thicknesses from 0 to 2000 μm. This digital thickness gauge ensures accurate and reliable measurements, essential for quality control and compliance in automotive refinishing and metal fabrication industries.
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    High precision coating thickness gauge, with a measurement range of 0-2000 μm, is primarily used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on metal surfaces, as well as the thickness of non-ferromagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic metals (such as iron, nickel, cobalt, etc.), such as the paint thickness on automobile surfaces and the coating thickness of metal parts. The coating thickness tester features a built-in magnetic induction and eddy current dual-probe system, which automatically identifies the metal substrate being measured. Simply place it on the surface to be measured, and it will automatically calculate the coating thickness.


    Model ATO-HW-300S
    Probe F probe N probe
    Measuring principle Magnetic induction Eddy current effect
    Measuring range 0-2000μm
    Precision ± (3%+1μm)
    Resolution 0μm-99.9μm (0.1μm)  100μm-999μm (1μm)  >1000μm (0.01mm)
    Zero calibration support
    Statistics Average, minimum, maximum, number
    Unit μm, mm, mils
    Minimum convex Radian 5mm
    Minimum concave Radian 25mm
    Minimum measured area Diameter 20mm
    Minimum substrate thickness  0.2mm 0.05mm
    Maximum measuring speed 2 readings per second
    Power supply 3V
    Battery 2*1.5V AAA batteries (Not Included)
    Operating environment Temperature: 0-50°C Humidity: 20-90%rh (non-condensed)
    Preservation environment Temperature: -10-60°C Humidity: 20-90%rh (non-condensation)
    Size/weight/material 113mm×53mm×24mm/80g/ABS


    0-2000 um precise coating thickness gauge details

    Tips: Measurement steps of precise coating thickness gauge

    Step 1. Prepare the parts to be tested.
    Step 2. Stay away from the metal object at least 2 cm, press the switch key to turn on.
    Note: It is suggested that the instrument should be zeroed with reference to "zero calibration" before testing.
    Step 3. The probe is placed vertically and quickly on the surface to be measured until the drop is heard, and the measured value is displayed on the screen, and then the probe is lifted at least 2 cm away from the part to be measured, and the next measurement can be carried out.
    Note: If the automatic shutdown function is turned on and there is no operation within 3 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down.

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