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    10 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

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    High voltage AC DC hipot tester equipment with a dry type transformer and a box controller, 50 kV, 10 kVA, 50/60 Hz frequency, 1 phase, can choose box type or desktop type controller, manual, automatic and electric controls are optional. Other capacities can be customized.
    SKU: ATO-HTGTB-1050
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    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    Dry type AC DC hipot tester capacity is 10 kVA, 1 phase, frequency 50 Hz, 50 kV, manual, automatic and electric controller are available, low price and other capacity can be customized, please contact us.

    Note: AC leakage current meter is not provided.


    Model ATO-HTGTB-1050
    Capacity 10 kVA
    Input Voltage 110V/ 120V/ 220V
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output Voltage 50 kV
    Current 200 mA
    DC Output 70 kV
    Phase 1 Phase
    Weight (Transformer + Control Box) 107 kg
    Cooling Method Dry
    Effeciency 90%
    Impedance Voltage <12%
    Surface Temperature Raising < 55°C
    No Load Current < 4%
    Output Voltage Waveform Sine Wave
    Usage AC DC Hipot Tester
    Warranty 12 Months
    Temperature Environment 0~40°C
    Altitude <2000m
    Relative Humidity <85%

    Packing List

    NO. Description Quantity
    1 Hipot Test Set (1 Control Box + 10 kVA Dry Transformer) 1
    2 Power Supply Cable 1
    3 Earth Cable 1
    4 Connecting Line 1
    5 Fuse 3
    6 Rectifying Diode 1
    7 User Manual 1

    Wiring Diagram

    AC hipot test dimension
    DC hipot test

    Tips: What is The Purpose of Hipot Test?

    General products are designed with the rated voltage factor in mind, but also consider the overvoltage factors in the event of an emergency, such as short circuits, operational errors, faults, etc. These voltages will greatly exceed the rated voltage of the instrument, if not considered By these factors, the insulation of the instrument will break down, so it is necessary to carry out the withstand voltage test on the instrument. The withstand voltage test can effectively test whether the overvoltage that the tested product can withstand is within the specified value, and avoid some safety conditions during the working of the instrument in the future.

    The Hipot tester is to apply a higher test voltage to the test sample, and then reduce it to zero after maintaining for a period of time. The voltage application time varies from 2S to 5min for different products, which is determined according to the different requirements of different test products. There are also some things to be aware of in the withstand voltage test. The withstand voltage test needs to be grounded. When testing, it must stand on the insulating mat or sit on the stool with insulating material. Do not touch the metal part of the instrument with your hand because The test voltage of the instrument is tens of kilovolts, which will cause personal safety. The pressure tester cannot be tested in a time-out environment because the humid air will become a conductor and the breakdown will occur during the test.

    The video will show you how to connect ATO AC DC Hipot Tester.

    Existing reviews of 10 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester
    I have some questions about the 50kV AC DC hipot tester
    For your 50KV AC hipot tester:
    Will it run on 120Vac 60 hz?
    Does it have a timer?
    Can it operate 4hr stretches with 2ma output current?
    Can you provide IEC 17025 calibration?
    From: Jmiller | Date: 01/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, I can run 120Vac, 60Hz. Just confirm with us by email after ordering.
    2. Yes, have a timer.
    3. Yes, can operate 4hr stretches with 2ma output current?
    4. Yes, our products have CE certified and comply with IEC 17025.
    But if an IEC 17025 calibration certificate is required, you will be asked to pay an additional 450 USD (Need to be provided by a third party).
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