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    10 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator

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    Cheap 10 kVA single phase variac transformer, 40A rated output current, with 220V rated input voltage and 0-220V rated output voltage, accurate scale and easy operation, manufactured direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-VVR-10K
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    Cheap price single phase variac voltage regulator, 10 kVA, 50Hz frequency, with long service life time, axle design, porous heat dissipation shell, accurate meter, all copper coil, long service life.

    Note: Support the split phase (L1,L2+N,G), Please contact us.

    10 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Features

    • 10 kVA and single phase.
    • High quality and high performance.
    • 40A rated output current and 0-250V rated output voltage, 220V rated input voltage.
    • Widely used in various power supply places with a frequency of 50 Hz.
    • Affordable and safety variac voltage regulator.

    10 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Specifications

    Model TDGC2-10K
    Weight 32.5 kg
    Phase No 1
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated input voltage 220V
    Rated output voltage 0-250V
    Rated capacity 10 kVA
    Rated output current 40A
    Usage SVC
    Current Type AC
    Type Contact type regulators
    Dimension L 370mm
    W 310mm
    H 500mm

    10 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Detail

    10 kVA single phase variac voltage regulator

    Tips: Structure of single-phase voltage regulator

    Structure: The single-phase large capacity voltage regulator is assembled by several units of the same specification, the brush of each unit contact group is mounted on the same spindle. The coil input end is connected in parallel, and the output end is connected with a balanced reactor to balance the current distribution between the units while simulating the circulating current.

    Existing reviews of 10 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator
    We all like this 10kVA single phase voltage regulator
    I've wanted a 10kVA single phase variac voltage regulator for a long time. I bought this for my family to control the temperature in the bedroom. My family likes it very much.
    From: Slitch | Date: 03/08/2021
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