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    30 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator

    High quality single phase variac transformer for sale, with 30 kVA and 120A rated output current, it is really a ideal AC voltage regulating power supply. Direct sale by manufacturer in wholesale price.
    SKU: ATO-VVR-30K
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    High quality variac transformer capacity 30 kVA, frequncy 50Hz, single phase variac voltage regulator, manufacturer direct sales.

    Note: Support the split phase (L1,L2+N,G), Please contact us.

    30 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Features

    • 10 kVA and single phase variac voltage regulator.
    • 120A rated output current and 0-250V rated output voltage, 220V rated input voltage.
    • Working frequency is 50 Hz.
    • Widely applied to industries.
    • Used to realize voltage regulation, temperature control, speed adjustment, light modulation, power control, etc.

    30 kVA Single Phase Variac Transformer Specifications

    Model TDGC2-30K
    Weight 100 kg
    Phase No 1
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Rated input voltage 220V
    Rated output voltage 0-250V
    Rated capacity 30 kVA
    Rated output current 120A
    Usage SVC
    Current Type AC
    Type Contact type regulators
    Dimension L 370mm
    W 310mm
    H 1100mm

    30 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Detail

    30 kVA single phase variac voltage regulator


    A voltage controlled power source that can regulate both load and voltage is a voltage regulator. Non-contact voltage regulator, electric voltage regulator, magnetic voltage regulators and coil-shifting voltage regulator are classified according to different electromagnetic principles and structures. The stabilized voltage supply that can stabilize voltage with load is an automatic voltage regulator, it is used to transform unstable distribution voltage when grid voltage and load current are constantly changing. Specially designed voltage regulator and automatic controller are the main components of automatic voltage regulator, which is a device for closed loop control system.

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