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    0.5 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator

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    Cheap 0.5 kVA variac transformer for sale, single phase. Input voltage 110V/220V, and rated output voltage is 0-250V, 0.8A rated output current, 50/60Hz, very convenient, direct sale by manufacturer.
    SKU: ATO-VVR-0d5K
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    Variac transformer for sale, 0.5 kVA, single phase variac voltage regulator, input voltage 110V and 220V are available.

    Note: Support the split phase (L1,L2+N,G), Please contact us.

    0.5 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Features

    0.5 kVA light weight and high efficiency variac voltage regulator, 0.8A rated output current, 50 Hz or 60Hz working frequency, it is really a ideal AC voltage regulating power supply.

    0.5 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Specifications

    Model TDGC2-0.5K
    Weight 3.1 kg
    Phase No 1
    Frequency 50 Hz 60Hz
    Rated Input voltage 220V 110V
    Rated Output voltage 0~250V 0~130V
    Rated Capacity 0.5 kVA 0.5 kVA
    Rated Output Current 0.8A 3.8A
    Usage SVC
    Current Type AC
    Type Contact Type Regulators
    Dimension 150*125*130mm

    0.5 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator Detail

    0.5 kVA single phase variac voltage regulator


    • Before use, it must be ascertained that the grid voltage is the same as the input voltage terminal, and the input output should not be reversed.
    • Before energizing, the pointer should be slowly turned to the required voltage at zero position, and should not be less than 5 seconds from zero to maximum.
    • The regulator should be kept clean and protected from moisture and should be ventilated during use.
    • Do not use the handwheel when handling the regulator, but lift the entire product.
    • After the regulator is used, the hand should be turned to zero position and the power should be cut off.
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    Works like a charm! I love it! Highly recommend!
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