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    Digital Panel Meter for RTD/Pressure/Level Sensor, Double 4 Digit

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    Intelligent digital panel meter has double 4 digit LED for PV and SV display. Digital display controller also has optional fuctions of 2 alarms, 1 transmit analog signal or RS485/232 output, additional power supply (DC 24V) for sensors. Digital panel meter can be used for various sensors and transmitters, such as temperature sensor (themocouple B/S/K/E/T/J/R/N type and RTD Cu50/Cu100/Pt100), pressure sensor, flow sensor, level sensor, displacement sensor (0-500Ω/0-350Ω output), transmitter (0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V output), etc.
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    Digital panel meter has double 4 digit LED for PV and SV display. Digital display controller can be used for various sensors and transmitters, such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor, flow sensor, level sensor, displacement sensor, AC/DC current sensor, transmitter with 4-20mA/0-5V output, etc.


    Basics Model ATO-DPM-USD4D-1100
    Dimension (W*H*L) * A: 160*80*110mm horizontal, hole size 152*76mm
    B: 80*160*110mm vertical, hole size 76*152mm
    C: 96*96*110mm, 92*92mm
    D: 96*48*110mm horizontal, hole size 92*45mm
    E: 48*96*110mm vertical, hole size 45*92mm
    F: 72*72*110mm, hole size 68*68mm
    H: 48*48*110mm, hole size 45*45mm
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Technical parameters Display range -1999~1999
    Measurement accuracy 0.3%FS
    Display method One channel double 4 digit LED display (PV and SV)
    Input signal * Thermocouple, RTD, linear resistance, presssure sensor, level sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, analog signal, etc. (See details in the selection chart.)
    Output signal * A0: No output
    A1: 4-20mA (RL≤600Ω)
    A2: 1-5V (RL≥250KΩ)
    A3: 0-10mA (RL≤1.2KΩ)
    A4: 0-5V (RL≥250KΩ)
    A5: 0-20mA (RL≤600Ω)
    A6: 0-10V (RL≥4KΩ)
    T: RS485/232 (Modbus)
    Alarm mode* R0: No alarm output
    R1: 1 alarm relay
    R2: 2 alarm relays
    Note: 1 alarm relay includes: NO (AC 220V/3A, DC 30V/5A), 2 alarm relays include: NO+NO (AC 220V/3A, DC 30V/5A). When choosing the dimension H (48*48*110mm), the relay capacity is AC 220V/0.6A, DC 30V/0.6A.
    Additional power supply * P0: No power supply
    P1: DC 24V, <30mA
    Note: Additional power supply can provide DC power supply for other devices such as sensors.
    Meter power supply * A: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    D: DC 20-29V
    Power dissipation ≤5W
    Temperature drift 0.2%FS/year
    Shell material ABS
    Isolation method Isolation between input, output and power supply
    Environment temperature Temperature0~50℃ (32~122℉), humidity≤85%RH (no condensation)

    Input signal selection chart:

    Number Signal Parameter code Range Number Signal Parameter code Range
    0 B type T--B 400~1800℃ 17 0-500Ω R0.5K Full range
    1 S type T--S 0~1600℃ 18 0-350Ω 0350 Full range
    2 K type T--K 0~1300℃ 19 30-350Ω 3350 Full range
    3 E type T--E 0~1000℃ 20 0-20mV 20MV Full range
    4 T type T--T -200.0~+400.0℃ 21 0-40mV 40MV Full range
    5 J type T--J 0~1200℃ 22 0-100mV 100M Full range
    6 R type T--R 0~1600℃ 25 0-20mA 20MA Full range
    7 N tyep T--N 0~1300℃ 26 0-10mA 10MA Full range
    8 F2 T-F2 700~2000℃ 27 4-20mA 4-20 Full range
    9 Wre3-25 T-L3 0~2300℃ 28 0-5V 0-5V Full range
    10 Wre5-26 T-L5 0~2300℃ 29 1-5V 1-5V Full range
    11 Cu50 Cu50 -50.0~+150.0℃ 31 0-10V 10V Full range
    12 Cu53 Cu53 -50.0~+150.0℃ 32 (0-10mA)^0.5 10MA. Full range
    13 Cu100 C100 -50.0~+150.0℃ 33 (4-20mA)^0.5 20MA. Full range
    14 Pt100 P100 -200.0~+650℃ 34 (0-5V)^0.5 0-5V. Full range
    15 BA1 BA1 -200.0~+600℃ 35 (1-5V)^0.5 1-5V. Full range
    16 BA2 BA2 -200.0~+600℃ - - - -

    Wiring diagram:
    1. The wiring for dimension A/B/C/D/E
    Wiring diagram for double 4 digit LED sensor meter dimension A/B/C/D/E
    2. The wiring for dimension F
    Wiring diagram for double 4 digit LED display controller dimension F
    3. The wiring for dimension H
    Wiring diagram for double 4 digit LED panel meter dimension H

    Existing reviews of Digital Panel Meter for RTD/Pressure/Level Sensor, Double 4 Digit
    Works as advertised
    Excellent compact device! The Digital panel meter is easy to set up and install. So far, it has been used without problems and the display is very bright.
    From: Bryan | Date: 30/10/2022
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