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    RTD Sensor Probe, Pt100, 3 Wire

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    RTD sensor probe adopts high-quality temperature chip to ensure long-term stability and high accuracy. High-quality PTFE shielded wires can effectively shield interference. The 3 wire Pt100 temperature sensor probe measurement range is -50~+200℃ (-58~+392℉). It can be used for pipeline, container, solid surface and end face temperature measurement.
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    Pt100 RTD sensor probes with 4 kinds of dimension can be used in different temperature measurement applications. 3 wire Pt100 probes are usually used with temperature controller, signal isolator and paperless recorder to form a temperature monitoring system.


    Model * ATO-RTD-WZP-PT100-1 ATO-RTD-WZP-PT100-2 ATO-RTD-WZP-PT100-3 ATO-RTD-WZP-PT100-4
    Shipping weight 0.5kg
    Probe material Stainless steel Brass Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Probe dimension Length: 30mm
    Diameter: 4mm
    Length: 25mm
    Diameter: 8mm
    Length: 10mm
    Maximum width: 8mm
    Hole diameter: 4mm
    Length: 50mm
    Diameter: 6mm
    Thread: M20*1.5mm
    Cable material PTFE corrosion-resistant and silver-plated wire
    Cable length * 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, customizable
    Type of probe Pt100
    Measuring range -50~+200℃ (-58~+392℉)
    Temperature coefficient TCR=3850ppm/k
    Accuracy Class A: ±(0.15+0.002|T|), T is the actual measurement temperature.
    Stability R0 drift≤0.04% (500℃/932℉, after 1000 hours)
    Anti-vibration ≥40g acceleration (10~2000Hz)
    Insulation resistance >100MΩ (20℃/68), >2MΩ (500℃/932℉)
    Natural coefficient 0.4K/mW (0℃/32)
    Application Oven, water tank, laboratory, various equipment needing temperature measurement Temperature measurement on the solid surface and end face of motor or boiler Motor or bearing surface temperature measurement Pipelines, containers, various equipment needing temperature measurement

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    Tips: RTD sensor probe for air or object surface temperature measurement
    Compared to the RTD sensor, thermocouples can operate at much higher temperatures and respond faster. However, the voltage signal generated by a thermocouple is low and may require additional amplification, which is a disadvantage in environments with high electrical noise. Unlike thermocouples, RTD sensors do not require reference points, ice baths, or temperature compensation circuits. RTD sensor has a very low thermal mass, so it provides true surface temperature measurement value and response times as fast as 50ms.
    When using an RTD sensor probe to measure the air temperature of a pipeline, the front end of the air temperature probe must be perpendicular to the measured pipeline and fully contact the measured air. The contact surface between the surface RTD probe and the measured object must be flat, otherwise, the measurement result will be affected during the measurement.

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    Questions about RTD sensor
    Can you send me some photos of this item before shipping?
    This is a big customer and they have many projects and we would like to win the next orders.
    From: Pauijs | Date: 28/12/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Ok, we shall fully support you and will send you photos before shipping out.
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