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    2 Pole Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 20A/ 30A/ 40A/ 50A to 100A

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    2 pole molded case circuit breaker with 20A/ 30A/ 40A/ 50A, max. current 100 amp for selection, rated operating voltage 400V, rated insulated voltage 800 volt. The molded case breaker is suitable for conversion of line and infrequent starting motor.
    SKU: ATO-MCCB-1002P
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    Mccb circuit breaker with rated frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz, 1500 times electrical life, 8500 times mechanical life. The 100 amp mccb breaker has advantages of small size, light weight and long service lifetime.

    Molded Case Circuit Breaker Information

    • Model: ATO-ABE-102b
    • Rated Current: 100 amp
    • Rated Voltage: 380/415V AC, 50Hz/ 60Hz
    • Number of poles: Two pole
    • 50 kA short circuit interrupting capacity


    Standard Certifications IEC60947 GB14048
    Electrical Parameters Model ATO-ABE-102b
    Rated Current

    10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 100A (contact us, the current can be chosen)

    Numbers of Poles 2 Pole
    Rated Operating Voltage 400V
    Rated Insulated Voltage (Ui) 800V
    Rated Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Ultimate Short Circuit Breaking Capacity, Icu DC 125V 10kA
    250V 5kA
    AC 50Hz/ 60Hz 230V 25kA
    380V 14kA
    415V 10kA
    440V 10kA
    480V 7.5kA
    600V 5kA
    Mechanical Parameters Electrical Life 1500 times
    Mechanical Life 8500 times
    Protection Degree IP20
    Operating Temperature -25℃~+50℃
    Weight 0.6kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)


    Diemension of molded case circuit breaker           Diemension of molded case circuit breaker 1            Diemension of molded case circuit breaker 2

    Model Dimensions Mounting Dimensions
    C C1 E F G G1 H H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 L L1 L2 W W1 W2 A B Φd
    ATO-ABE-102b 87 124 50.5 22 19.5 7.5 68 102 18 5 4 4.5 150 185 132 92 30 120 36 142 7


    2 Pole Molded Case Circuit Breaker Details

    Tips: What is a Molded Case Circuit Breaker?
    Molded case circuit breakers are also called device-type circuit breakers. All parts are sealed in a plastic case. The auxiliary contacts, undervoltage releases and shunt releases are mostly modularized. Due to the very compact structure, the molded case circuit breaker cannot be overhauled. It mostly adopts manual operation, and large capacity can choose electric opening and closing. Due to the application of electronic overcurrent releases, molded case circuit breakers can also be divided into two types: A and B. Type B has good three-stage protection characteristics. However, due to price factors, thermal magnetic releases are used. Class A products have a higher market share. Molded case circuit breaker is the contact, arc extinguishing chamber, trip unit and operating mechanism are all installed in a plastic shell. Generally, maintenance is not considered. It is suitable for branch circuit protection switch. The overcurrent release has thermomagnetic There are two kinds of type and electronic type. Generally, the thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker is a non-selective circuit breaker, and only has two protection methods: overload long delay and short circuit instantaneous protection. Four protection functions: time delay, instantaneous short circuit and ground fault. Some of the newly launched products of electronic molded case circuit breakers also have a regional selective interlocking function. Most molded case circuit breakers are manually operated, and some have motor operating mechanisms.

    Existing reviews of 2 Pole Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 20A/ 30A/ 40A/ 50A to 100A
    Performing well
    This 2 pole molded case circuit breaker was easy to install and is performing its intended task. So far so good. I used these on my new system to make sure they worked I upped my voltage.
    From: Johanes | Date: 01/12/2022
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    On my new system
    I used these molded case circuit breakers on my new system to make sure they worked I upped my voltage and they shut the system down exactly like they were supposed to I highly recommend!
    From: Beahn | Date: 23/11/2022
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    Works as intended
    The 3 pole mccb was new in the box and arrived in two days. It was easy to install and is performing its intended task.
    From: Yeager | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Very happy so far with the ATO 60 Amp circuit breaker. Much larger than expected but with the amount of current going through this in my setup, it easily handles the load.
    From: Luke | Date: 12/04/2022
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