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    1 hp VFD, Single Phase to Three Phase VFD

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    1 hp VFD, convert single phase to three phase for AC motor speed controls, IP20, RS485 enabled, shipping weight 2kg, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: GK3000-2S0007
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    1hp variable frequency drive, single phase to three phase VFD, 220V AC, 0-400.00Hz.


    Basics Model GK3000-2S0007
    Capacity 1 hp (0.75 kW)
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Dimension 142*85*113 mm
    I/O Feature Rated current 4 A
    Input voltage 1 phase 220~240V AC
    Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output voltage 3 phase AC 0~input voltage
    Output frequency 0Hz~1000Hz
    Over load capacity 150% of rated current for 1 minute, 180% of rated current for 3 seconds
    Control Feature Control mode V/F, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed sensor vector control (FVC)
    Communication RS485
    Speed regulation 1:100
    Start torque 150% of rating torque at 1 Hz
    Speed control accuracy ≤±0.5% of rating synchronous speed
    Frequency precision Digital setting: max frequency x± 0.01%;
    Analog setting: max frequency x± 0.2%
    Frequency resolution Analog setting: 0.1% of max frequency;
    Digital setting: 0.01Hz
    Torque boost Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
    Interior PID controller Be convenient to make closed-loop system
    Automatic energy save running Optimize V/F curve automatically based on the load to realize power save running
    Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Can keep constant output voltage when power source voltage varies.
    Automatic current limiting Limit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip
    Environment Enclosure rating IP 20
    Temperature –10℃~ +40℃; VFD will be derated if ambient temperature exceed 40℃; each rise 1℃, the derate will be 5%
    Humidity 5%-95%, without condensation
    Altitude ≤1000m; VFD will be derated if above 1000m
    Impingement and oscillation Normal running:<5.9m/s2 (0.6g); Transportation:<15m/s2 (1.5g)
    Store environment –20℃~ +60℃; no dust, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight


    750W VFD Single Phase to Three Phase VFD Details

    Tips: Variable frequency drive condensation eliminating methods
    By the impact of air humidity, once the working environment temperature changes greatly, VFD may appear condensation phenomenon and causing liquid water appear on the internal power devices, circuit boards and other parts. The water will produce corresponding conductive channel with the dust, and then the electrical insulating property of VFD will be reduced and even produce short circuit, electronic components failure and other problems.
    Elimination of condensation:

    1. Temperature control
      Setting a filter on the vent can not only preventing a lot of dust into VFD, but also can ensure IP protection level. When the temperature exceeds 40℃, it will start the ventilation system. When the relative humidity exceeds 80%, it will start the heater. Or VFD is completely sealed, effectively putting an end to the salt spray, harmful gases and dust into VFD.
    2. Humidity control
      1) Temperature difference dehumidification method: Install the radiator which is conducive to formation condensation inside VFD, so that the other parts will not form condensation. The condensate formed on the radiator will be discharged through the outlet to ensure that VFD is always maintained relatively dry.
      2) Adsorption and membrane dehumidification method: Set the appropriate adsorption material in VFD for water vapor adsorption to ensure relatively dry environment in VFD. It can also be set with the membrane filter to barrier the water vapor, only allow dry air to pass through the filter so that only relatively dry air can flow into VFD.
      3) Condensation dehumidification method: Set the lowest temperature point inside VFD to let the condensation only generated there, so that to effectively reduce inside relative humidity and making VFD always maintain a relatively dry environment.


    Existing reviews of 1 hp VFD, Single Phase to Three Phase VFD
    I need tech support
    Hello I’m looking for information on output torque settings on my vfd, the manual supplied with the product is generic and doesn't even show the full usage of p1-9 functions your manual ends at p8.37 I'm looking for info to try to get as much torque from the 3 phase motor but I don’t have the required information is it possible to get tech support from somebody their who knows how to program the vfd?
    From: Rory | Date: 04/02/2024
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    ATO Responded
    If your VFD serial number s/n has the word 9000 in front of it, this is our new version of VFD. You can only adjust parameter P5.01 to set the output torque increase.
    Deliver exceptional performance
    The performance of this VFD is outstanding. My equipment, which used to struggle with the limited power supply, now runs smoothly and efficiently. The variable frequency drive allows me to adjust the output to match the specific needs of my machinery, resulting in energy savings and improved performance.
    From: Abigail | Date: 05/09/2023
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    Which manual should I follow?
    I am preparing to install my new VFD. The manual packaged with the GK3000 is somewhat different from the manual available online. Is one of these more current than the other? Which one should I follow?
    From: Javier | Date: 04/08/2023
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    ATO Responded
    As our VFD products are updated, please refer to the following new instruction manuals and videos.
    We are having an issue with the potentiometer not working.
    I bought a model GK3000-2S0007. We are having an issue with the potentiometer not working (knob doesn't do anything... we can't adjust any of the levels). We are trying to adjust the frequency. It’s holding at 25 Hz and we need to adjust to 50Hz but can't get it to move. The knob literally is doing nothing.
    We are trying to program the unit for single phase in and three phase to the motor.  We can send specifics on the motor if that would help us get this programmed.  The motor is running hot and the unit is making a grinding noise. We ran an Allen-Bradley Powerflex 4 in the past and it worked like a champ. We have the manual and a fairly experienced program guy, but we can't make the changes the manual is telling him to make.
    From: Dean | Date: 27/07/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Is the potentiometer you mentioned is the one on the VFD panel or is it external?
    Please send us the nameplate label of your motor & VFD for confirmation, and also kindly providing a video for our reference so we can proceed to the next step.
    You could also refer to our video, pls see on:
    Some questions about VFD wiring.
    I'm currently trying to wire a VFD, with 120v 1-phase input and 230v 3-phase output, to connect to an AC 230v 3-phase motor. I received the VFD and it had some wires already connected; a green wire labeled "N", and a red wire labeled "L".
    I'm very new to electrical wiring so I'm a bit confused on a few things. Typically green wires are the ground wires, and the green wire in this case goes inside the VFD itself, so I'm not sure where it's attached to. On the external wiring part, there's a screw labeled "E" which in the manual is the ground. Is this green wire the ground wire, just grounded internally? So I wouldn't need to attach a wire to the external "E" screw to ground it?  The VFD also came with 1 red wire, which was attached to the "R" screw. There was then another small red wire that ran from the "R" screw to the "S" screw", then another red wire from "S" to "T". I understand this to be the input power to the VFD, and the U, V, and W screws are the 3-phase 230v output that'' connect to the motor. Most videos I've watched show a red wire and a black wire connected to the R and S screws for 120v 1-phase input. But in the case of the VFD wiring the way it came it's the red wire basically attached to the R, S, and T screws. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't another wire necessary, and to clarify which of the R, S, and T screws the wires should be attached to for 1-phase 120v input.  We planned to plug it into a wall outlet using just a typical 2 prong male connector. Is that how we should plug it in as well?
    From: Brandon | Date: 27/07/2022
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    ATO Responded
    1. This 120v 1-phase input and 230v 3-phase output is a customized VFD. The input power supply 120V is connected to the L and N terminals. You need to short sub the R, S, and T terminals together. You cannot remove the short wire (red wire) between them.
    2. Your three-phase motor is dual voltage 230/460V, you should connect your three-phase motor according to the low voltage connection method (low voltage mode).
    Please recommend a suitable VFD to me
    We have a job with a 240V AC 1 phase that I need to run a 3ph 15hp pump. Please send your recommendations for a VFD that I can purchase from you for this matter.
    From: Emilie | Date: 14/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    If you want to convert 1-phase, 240V to 3-phase, 240V to run 15hp pump, the recommended VFD would be: GK3000-2S0150G, 20hp capacity.
    ATO's suggestion for me to buy a VFD
    I'm looking for a VFD with single-phase 230 V input and output, about 1/2 HP. What advice do you have, please?
    From: Wacky | Date: 27/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    If your 1-phase, 230V motor rated current is less than 5A, then the recommended VFD will be 1hp capacity, of model: GK3000-1S0007.
    What is the minimum hertz that a VFD can run?
    What is the minimum hertz that a VFD can run?
    From: Oscar | Date: 27/04/2018
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    ATO Responded
    You can adjust VFD output frequency in the range 0.00~400.00Hz. And for input frequency, it can be 50/60Hz (47-63Hz).
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