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    1 hp (0.75 kW) VFD, Single Phase Input & Output

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    Affordable 1 hp VFD, 1 phase for single phase AC induction motor, 220V - 240V 7 amps, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: GK3000-1S0007
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    1 hp variable frequency drive, 0.75 kW, 1 phase 220V - 240V for single phase AC motor, manufacturer direct sale.


    Basics Model GK3000-1S0007
    Capacity 1 hp (0.75 kW)
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Dimension 142*85*110 mm
    I/O Feature Rated current 7 A
    Input voltage single phase AC 220V±15%
    Input frequency 47~63Hz
    Output voltage 0~rated input voltage
    Output frequency 0~1000Hz
    Over load capacity 150% of rated current for 60s, 180% of rated current for 10s, 200% of rated current for 3s
    Control Features Control mode V/F, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed sensor vector control (FVC)
    Operation command mode Keypad control, Terminal control, Serial communication control
    Frequency setting mode Digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, serial communication setting, multi-step speed setting & simple PLC, PID setting, etc. These frequency settings can be combined & switched in various modes.
    Start frequency 0.40Hz~20.00Hz
    Speed adjustment range 1:50
    Carrier frequency 1.0-16.0kHz, automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristics
    Frequency accuracy Digital setting: 0.01Hz
    Analog setting: Maximum frequency * 0.05%
    Torque boost Automatically torque boost; manually torque boost: 0.1%~30.0%
    V/f curve Three types: linear, multiple point and square type (1.2 power, 1.4 power, 1.6 power, 1.8 power, square)
    Acceleration/deceleration mode Straight line/S curve; four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time, range: 0.1s~3600.0s
    DC braking DC braking when starting and stopping
    DC braking frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency, braking time: 0.0s~100.0s
    Jog operation Jog operation frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency
    Jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1s~3600.0s
    Simple PLC & multi-step speed operation It can realize a maximum of 16 segments speed running via the built-in PLC or control terminal.
    Built-in PID Built-in PID control to easily realize the close loop control of the process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, flow, etc.)
    Automatic voltage regulation Keep output voltage constant automatically when input voltage fluctuating
    Control Function Common DC bus Common DC bus for several VFDs, energy balanced automatically
    Torque control Torque control without PG
    Torque limit "Rooter" characteristics, limit the torque automatically and prevent frequent over-current tripping during the running process
    Wobble frequency control Multiple triangular-wave frequency control, special for textile
    Timing/length/counting control Timing/length/counting control function
    Over-voltage & over-current stall control Limit current & voltage automatically during the running process, prevent frequent over-current & over-voltage tripping
    Fault protection function Up to 30 fault protections including over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, default phase, overload, shortcut, etc., can record the detailed running status during failure & has fault automatic reset function
    Input/output terminals Input terminals Programmable DI: 7 on-off inputs, 1 high-speed pulse input 2 programmable AI:
    AI1: 0~10V or 0/4~20mA
    A12: 0~10V or 0/4~20mA
    Output terminals 1 programmable open collector output: 1 analog output (open collector output or high-speed pulse output)
    2 relay output
    2 analog output: 0/4~20mA or 0~10V
    Communication terminals Offer RS485 communication interface, support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
    Human machine interface LED display Display frequency setting, output frequency, output voltage, output current, etc.
    Multifunction key QUICK/JOG key, can be used as multifunction key
    Environment Ambient temperature -10℃~40℃, derated 4% when the temperature rise by every 1℃ (40℃~50℃).
    Humidity 90%RH or less (non-condensing)
    Altitude ≤1000M: Output rated power, >1000M: Output derated
    Storage temperature -20℃~60℃

    Note: The single phase motor should Not be adjusted to run based on a lower frequency than 80% of its rated frequency for along time, otherwise the motor may fail.


    750W Single Phase VFD Details

    Tips: Variable frequency drive applications

    1. Air conditioner load
      Office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets and some factories have central air conditioner. In the summer electricity peak, large city air conditioner power consumption accounted for more than 40% of peak power. Therefore, using variable frequency drive to drag the air conditioning system, refrigeration pumps, cold water pumps and fans is a very good energy-saving technology.
    2. Crusher load
      Metallurgical mines and building material industry use a lot of crushers and grinding mills, these machineries have significant effect using variable frequency drive.
    3. Large furnace calciner furnace load
      Metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial rotary kiln uses DC motor, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed control and medium frequency unit speed control before. Because of these speed control mode or a slip ring have low efficiency, in recent years, many companies use frequency control, the effect is excellent.
    4. Compressor load
      Low-pressure compressors are widely used in various industrial sectors, high-pressure high-capacity compressors has more applications in steel, mining, fertilizer, ethylene industries. Using frequency control will bring low starting current, energy saving, optimizing equipment and other advantages.
    5. Rolling mill load
      The metallurgical industry uses AC-DC-AC VFD, and the multi-rack aluminum rolling unit uses general-purpose VFD to meet the low-frequency load starting. The variable frequency drive has advantages of inter-rack synchronous operation, constant tension control, simple and reliable operation.
    6. Winding engine load
      Iron mill blast furnace hoist equipment requires smooth boot and brake, balance speed adjusting and high reliability. These machineries use cascade, DC or rotor string resistance speed mode with low efficiency and poor reliability before. But, using VFD instead of the old speed control mode can achieve the desired results.
    7. Revolving furnace load
      Using AC variable frequency drive to replace DC unit in revolving furnace will get simple, reliable and stable operation.
    8. Roller load
      Roller load is mostly used in the iron and steel metallurgy industry. Using AC motor frequency control can improve equipment reliability and stability.

    Running a single phase motor with VFD

    In this video, ATO will show you details about running a single phase motor on a VFD. It's important to note that there are two wiring methods for single phase motor connecting to ATO single phase VFD: wiring of removing motor capacitor & wiring of keeping motor capacitor. At first, you should choose the wiring method you needed, and then set basic parameters step by step.

    Existing reviews of 1 hp (0.75 kW) VFD, Single Phase Input & Output
    Please recommend the proper VFD
    Please recommend the proper VFD that will provide 1ph 230v input to 1ph 230-volt output, 60hz with 10amp capacity.
    From: Darren | Date: 05/02/2024
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    ATO Responded
    The VFD will provide 1ph 230v input to 1ph 230-volt output, 60hz, but the rated output current is only 7A and cannot reach 10A.  If you want the VFD to output more than 10A, you need to buy a 3HP capacity version.
    I’ve just installed a VFD
    I’ve just installed a VFD with a 1/2hp asynchronous 110/220V motor. It is wired for 220v. It has a single centrifugal switched start capacitor. The capacitor has been removed. All VFD's settings are default. When starting the speed only goes up to about 1/4 of rated rpm and will not go higher. The current in the start wiring is high (7-9A). Disconnecting the start winding (after allowing the motor to start running) allows the motor/VFD to run normally.
    From: Grayson | Date: 09/01/2024
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    ATO Responded
    1. We do not recommend removing the motor capacitor, please refer to the attached wiring diagram for wiring.
    Please refer to the manual:

    2. The speed of the motor cannot reach the rated value, maybe the frequency is not set properly. We recommend setting the frequency: P0.02=rated frequency, P0.05=rated frequency, P0.06=rated frequency.
    Please refer to the quick set manual:
    Please refer to the setting video:
    I have a new VFD,but I have a problem.
    I have installed a single-phase 220 v .75KW spindle according to the instructions in the manual. In an unloaded condition, the motor will not start smoothly and run.  there is tremendous vibration on startup and shutdown, and the drive goes into error mode, requiring a reset to recover.
    From: Benjamin | Date: 08/01/2024
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    ATO Responded
    We think it may be that the frequency parameters of your VFD are Not set properly. You need to set the parameters: P0.02=motor rated frequency, P0.05=motor rated frequency, P0.06=motor rated frequency.
    Single Phase Input
    I have a 0007 Vfd and need to know the wiring for a single PH motor 220v input
    From: Blake | Date: 08/01/2024
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    ATO Responded
    The VFD input terminal is connected to R, S terminals or L, N terminals.  Please refer to this document:
    What happens to the VFD?
    I connected and ran the VFD as per your instructions. However, when I checked the frequency on 3 phases, one phase seemed broken. One phase reads 60 Hz at zero load and the other phase reads more than 1 kHz in my multimeter.  

    Measured Frequency: at zero load when VFD running at minimum speed (zero)
    (U & V) = 60Hz
    (U & W) = 1.6 kHz
    (V & W) = 1.6 kHz

    What happens to the VFD? Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot this issue?
    From: Blake | Date: 08/01/2024
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    ATO Responded
    It is inaccurate to use a multimeter to measure VFD output frequency and voltage. You can run the VFD without loading first. Please check whether the operating frequency on the panel can reach 60HZ.
    Then please use a multimeter to measure whether the voltages at the output terminals U, V, and W are normal. If the output voltage deviation is not large, you can connect the motor. Please run the motor without load to see if the motor can run normally.
    220 To 110VAC single fase
    it is possible to connect the VDF input 220 single phase  to   motor  110VAC 1 HP
    From: JORGE | Date: 18/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, but please note that the output voltage parameter should be limited to 110V before use.
    Can the VFD work with a compressor?
    I bought a VFD last week. Now I have a question. Can the VFD work with a compressor?
    From: Hollye | Date: 07/08/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Our VFD can only be connected to an asynchronous motor and can not be used as a power supply. If there is an asynchronous motor in your compressor, please provide us with the nameplate diagram of the motor for further confirmation.
    The right VFD
    I was wondering if I can use this VFD to drive my drill press 750w permanent split capacitor motor.
    I have no idea about how I should connect the motor, my main concern is to control the speed of the motor with keeping the torque. Also, I was wondering if it is possible to control the rotation of the motor and adding external switches and potentiometers. Thank you
    From: Maisara | Date: 23/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Single-phase VFDs have a small starting torque when controlling single-phase motors. If you want constant torque or high torque starting and speed regulation operation, ATO suggests you replace your single-phase (split-phase) motor with a three-phase motor. Also, the current and power rating of the VFD must be greater than or equal to the current and power rating of the motor.
    Do I need to buy a separate 24 volt power supply?
    I thought the vfd would supply the 24 volt power needed. Do I need to buy a separate 24 volt power supply?
    From: Parker | Date: 03/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, the 24V voltage of the pressure sensor can directly use the 24V voltage output on the VFD terminal (P24 terminal, GND).
    Instructions of VFD voltage adjustment
    Hello, the electrician installed the used unit you sold me with the new digital operator. Also connected to my machine. He set the parameters that he is familiar with and your booklet.
    Unfortunately… back to the very same question I asked you from the beginning, voltage!!!. You said it’s adjustable but did not give me any instructions. Electrician has disconnected my machine and told me he will return after I ask you about the voltage instructions hat I can show him the email. I have 240V single phase, 60hz input. Out put single phase, 50hz exactly what we want but 273V is our output. It must be 220V. Please help. Thank you.
    From: carver | Date: 02/03/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    You can adjust the output voltage by setting the output voltage parameter p0.08 = 220V of the VFD.
    If the output voltage is still high after setting p0.08 = 220, please set p0.08 = 210V, and test again.
    For VFD's voltage and frequency settings, please refer to the quick setting document list description of the attachment.
    Frequency question
    I am powering the VFD with 208V 1Phase, 60 Hz and I am drawing 208V 3 Phase to run the motor. I want to know how low can I go on the frequency front.
    In addition, will the VFD change to variable torque for the fan application or will it change the power linearly with respect to the speed of the motor while maintaining the torque constant?
    From: Marrissa | Date: 12/12/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can run a 208V 3 Phase motor by powering the VFD with 208V 1Phase, 60 Hz. The VFD will change the power linearly with respect to the speed of motor while maintaining the torque constant, and it can output frequencies as low as 0.5Hz.
    We purchased this 1hp VFD drive a couple of years back. I have a couple of questions related to that.
    1. What is 1 in 1S007? In the manual, I only see 2 and 4.
    2. Also, can I use it for controlling the fan motor?
    From: Bob | Date: 12/12/2022
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    ATO Responded
    1. The 1 in 1S007 means that the VFD is 1 Phase input/1 Phase output, and 2S means that the VFD is a single-phase input, three-phase output version.
    2. Yes, you can also use it to control the fan motor. If your fan motor is a three-phase 230V motor, then that works too. But note that the rated current of the motor should be lower than the rated current of the VFD output.
    sleep option
    Does this VFD have the option to sleep once it reaches the set point?
    I want to use it for a constant water pumping system
    From: Luis | Date: 17/06/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, it does. Please refer to our YouTube example video:
    About VFD parameter
    I purchase this single phase VFD for running a single phase pump. I face an issue where the current applied to the pump is higher than the rated current we set in the GK3000 and some in a while drop to almost zero value. Do you have any recommendation of which parameter of the VFD need to be changed to avoid that?
    From: Abys | Date: 27/05/2022
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    ATO Responded
    We recommend that you can set the VFD parameters P0.02=2 or 3, P5.04=200, and test again.
    Gate opener
    Can i use to control a Gate opener , i need to reduce the startup current

    FLA 7 A
    From: Alain | Date: 04/02/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    We need to know your motor nameplate to recommend a suitable VFD for you. You can send the motor nameplate to our email
    Can you provide the VFD I need?
    Can you provide 1 phase 220~240V to 3 phase AC 0~input voltage but with 60HP power capacity?
    From: Bernadette | Date: 16/01/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can.
    1hp VFD start frequency
    We want to start your 1 phase, 1hp VFD at 40Hz, can we do that?
    From: Greene | Date: 11/08/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    No, the VFD cannot be directly started from 40Hz, and if the minimum frequency of VFD is run from 40Hz, the motor current will be very high (Equivalent to 5-8 times rated current) and this is similar to running the motor from the mains grid.
    1 hp VFD function
    We have a boat we are working on that has a 50Hz 230V distribution. The boat purchased a 60Hz 230V fresh water motor pump and I want to have the VFD set to output at 230V 60Hz with a 230V 50Hz supply, can your 1-phase VFD do that?
    From: Philip | Date: 28/04/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, the VFD outputs 230V, 60Hz with 230V, 50Hz supply.
    Great controllers
    These are awesome controllers and really server for multiple purposes. I use these for controlling large fans in different sizes that exhaust hot air from a crypto mining farm.
    From: Alec | Date: 12/03/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    1hp single-phase variable frequency drive can run multiple motors at the same time
    I am interested in 1hp single phase output VFD. I have one questions about it. Can we control your single phase VFD through Modbus?
    From: Ashley | Date: 02/03/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can control the variable frequency drive through Modbus.
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