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    100A Automotive Starter Relay, 12V/24V DC

    Buy favorable price automotive starter relay online, 4-pin with 100 amp contact current, optional coil rated voltage of 12V DC or 24V DC. This car starter relay is an electrical component in a vehicle's starting system, which provides a more efficient and effective starting process.
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    ATO auto starter relay is an electrical component in the auto-starting system. Using a car starter relay helps protect the ignition switch from high current loads and ensures reliable engine starting. It also prevents voltage drops, making the starting process more efficient and effective. The automotive starter relay is critical to the overall performance and life of the vehicle's electrical system and starting system.


    Model ATO-HST848-12/24VDC-1A
    Coil Parameter Rated Coil Voltage (2.4W/4.8W) 12V DC 24V DC
    Max. Coil Voltage 15.6V DC 31.2V DC
    Coil Resistance (Q±10%) 60Ω/30Ω 240Ω/120Ω
    Pickup Voltage (Max.) 8.5V DC 17V DC
    Release Voltage (Min.) 1.2V DC 2.4V DC
    Coil Power 2.4W/4.8W 2.4W/4.8W
    Operate Time ≤10ms ≤10ms
    Release Time ≤5ms ≤5ms
    Operation Condition Insulation 100MΩ Min. (at 500V DC)
    Dielectric Strength Between Contacts 50Hz 500V
    Between Coil and Contacts 50Hz 500V
    Shock Resistance 147m/s2
    Vibration Resistance 10~40Hz Double Amplitude 1.5mm
    Terminals Strength 20N
    Solder Ability 235℃±2℃ 3±0.5s
    Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Relative Humidity 85% at 40℃
    Weight 102g
    Contact Parameter Contact Form 1A (SPST NO)
    Contact Material AgSnO2
    Contact Rating (Resistance) 120A/ 14V DC
    60A/ 28V DC
    Max. Switching Voltage 40V DC
    Max. Switching Current 100A
    Max. Switching Power 1680W
    Contact Resistance ≤30mΩ
    Electrical Life 1*105
    Mechanical Life 1*107

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    100A car starter relay dimension

    Note: In case of no tolerance shown in outline dimension: outline dimension 1mm, tolerance should be ±0.2mm; Outline dimension 1mm and 5mm, tolerance should be ±0.3mm; Outlet dimension 5mm, tolerance should be ±0.4mm.

    Wiring & Installation Diagram

    100A car starter relay wiring and installation diagram

    Tips: What is an automotive starter relay?

    An automotive starter relay is an electromechanical switch that plays a crucial role in the vehicle's starting system. It acts as an intermediary between the battery and the starter motor. When the ignition key is turned to start the engine, a small current flows from the battery to the car starter relay. This small current activates the relay, which then closes its high-current contacts, allowing a larger current to flow from the battery to the starter motor. This large current is necessary to crank the engine and start the vehicle. The auto starter relay helps to ensure that the high current needed to start the engine does not have to pass through the ignition switch, protecting the switch from damage and ensuring reliable engine starts.

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