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    30A Automotive Starter Relay, 12V/24V DC

    Low cost auto starter relay for sale, with 30A/40A contact current, available in contact form of 1Z (1C) or 1H (1A), coil rated voltage of 12V DC or 24V DC, 4 pin or 5 pin installation. This automotive starter relay is an electrical component in a car's starting system, acting as an intermediary between the ignition switch and the starter motor.
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    ATO automotive starter relay serves as a critical electrical switch that manages the substantial current required to engage the starter motor and initiate the engine's ignition process. Their role is pivotal in safeguarding the vehicle's ignition switch from excessive wear and tear by efficiently managing the flow of high currents necessary for starting the engine.


    Model ATO-JD1914-12/24VDC
    Coil Parameter Rated Coil Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    Rated Current 150mA 75mA
    Coil Resistance (Ω±10%) 80Ω 320Ω
    Operate Voltage (Max.) 6~8V DC 12~16V DC
    Release Voltage (Min.) 0.6~3.6V DC 1.2~7.2V DC
    Applicable Voltage (Max.) 15.6V DC 31.2V DC
    Operation Condition Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min. (at 500V DC)
    Dielectric Strength Between Contacts 500V AC (for one minute/sec)
    Between Coil and Contacts 750V AC (for one minute/sec)
    Shock Resistance Operating Extremes 10g
    Damage Limits 20g
    Vibration Resistance 10~55Hz 1.5mm
    Release Time 7ms
    Operate Time 5ms
    Ambient Temperature -30℃~+80℃
    Relative Humidity 40~85%
    Weight 35g
    Safety Standard CCEE Certification
    Contact Parameter Contact Form 1Z (1C)/ 1H (1A)
    Contact Material AgSnO12
    Contact Rating (Resistance) NO: 40A 14V DC
    Max. Switching Voltage 75V DC
    Max. Switching Current 30A/40A
    Max. Switching Power 560W
    Contact Resistance 100mΩ Max. at 6V DC 1A
    Electrical Life 100000 Operations (at 30 Operations/Minute)
    Mechanical Life 10000000 Operations (at 30 Operations/Minute)

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    30A/40A car starter relay dimension

    Tips: Can a general-purpose relay be used to replace the car starter relay?

    It is not recommended to use a general-purpose relay to replace the auto starter relay. The starter relay is specially designed to start the motor and can withstand high current and voltage. General-purpose relays may not be able to handle the peak value of the starting current, which can easily cause the relay to overheat or be damaged. In addition, the starter relay usually has special wiring and control requirements to ensure safe and reliable operation. Using an unsuitable relay may cause the starting circuit to malfunction, affect the normal operation of the equipment, and even cause safety hazards. Therefore, it is recommended to always use the original starter relay that matches the equipment to ensure the performance and safety of the equipment.

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