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    200A Automotive Starter Relay, 12V/24V DC

    200A automotive starter relay for sale at factory price. This car essential component supports both 12V DC and 24V DC coil rated voltages, catering to various vehicle specifications. This auto starter relay optimizes your car's starting efficiency and ensures reliable engine ignition every time you turn the key.
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    Economical price auto starter relay is designed to optimize your vehicle's starting performance, making it a smart choice for any automotive enthusiast. By efficiently managing high currents between the ignition switch and starter motor, it protects your car's electrical components and enhances overall reliability. 


    Model ATO-HST180-12/24VDC-H-S
    Contact Parameter Contact Material AgSnO12
    Contact Form 1H (1A)
    Contact Ratings NO: 200A 14V DC
    Contact Resistance 100m Max. at 6V DC 1A
    Max. Switching Current 200A
    Max. Switching Voltage 75V DC
    Max. Switching Power 2800W
    Life Expectancy Electrical 100000 Operations (at 30 Operations/Minute)
    Life Expectancy Mechanical 10000000 Operations
    Coil Parameter Nominal Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    Coil Resistance (4.8W/2.4W) 30/60Ω 120/240Ω
    Max. Operate Voltage 6.0~8.0V DC 12~16.8V DC
    Max. Release Voltage 1.2~3.6V DC 2.4~7.2V DC
    Max. Applicable Voltage 15V DC 30V DC
    Characteristics Parameter Temperature Range -30℃~+80℃
    Vibration Resistance 10~55Hz, 15mm
    Shock Resistance Operations Extremes 10g
    Damage Extremes 100g
    Humidity 40%~85%
    Insulation Resistance 100mΩ Min. at 500V DC
    Safety Standard CCEE Certification
    Dielectric Strength between Open Contacts 500V AC (for one minute/sec)
    Between Contact and Coil 750V AC (for one minute/sec)
    Operate time 7ms
    Release time 5ms
    Weight 35g

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    200A car starter relay dimension

    Tips: What is the difference between a starter relay and a starter solenoid?

    A starter relay and a starter solenoid are components used in the starting system of an internal combustion engine, but they have distinct roles and functions:

    1. Starter Relay:
      • Function: Acts as an intermediary between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid. It uses a small current from the ignition switch to control a larger current to the starter solenoid.
      • Location: Typically located in the engine compartment, often mounted on the fender or firewall.
      • Purpose: Ensures that the high current needed for the starter solenoid does not pass through the ignition switch, protecting it from potential damage.
    2. Starter Solenoid:
      • Function: Engages the starter motor to the engine's flywheel and allows a large current to flow to the starter motor.
      • Location: Usually mounted directly on the starter motor.
      • Purpose: Pushes the starter gear to mesh with the flywheel and closes the circuit that powers the starter motor.

    In summary, the starter relay controls the activation of the starter solenoid, which in turn engages the starter motor to start the engine.

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