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    100L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    Cost-effective 100L vertical steam autoclave sterilizer for sale. Autoclave sterilizer is supplied with power of 4.5 kW, input power range AC 220V±22V, and rated working pressure 0.22 MPa. This vertical autoclave is an ideal instrument for disinfection and sterilization in food processing, scientific research and other scenarios.
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    The vertical autoclave is equipped with a handwheel type sliding door structure and rollers, which can be operated by one person. It has a variety of practical functions and is a good helper for disinfection and sterilization.


    • The sterilizer shell and chamber are made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, high temperature and easy to clean.
    • Operation panel multi-parameter display, pressure gauge reading indication, clear observation.
    • The steam autoclave sterilizer is equipped with microcomputer control and an LED digital display. It adopts PID function and self-tuning of heating parameters to enable rapid heating and precise temperature control.
    • A self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring is used, ensuring a good sealing effect and a long service time.


    Model DGL-100B
    Input Power AC 220V ± 22V
    Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
    Power 4.5 kW
    Display Method LED Digital Tube/Pressure Gauge
    Capacity 100 ± 10L
    Covering Method Handwheel Type
    Rated Operating Temperature 134 °C
    Rated Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
    Sterilization Room Specification 450 x 650 mm
    Sterilization Chamber Thickness 2 mm
    Inner Cylinder Thickness 0.8 mm
    Heating Time RT-134°C Within 40 min
    Sterilization Time Selection Range 4-120 min
    Net Weight 106 kg
    Product Size ( L x W x H ) 555 × 555 × 1250 mm

    Note: Vertical sterilizer without plug


    35L vertical autoclave size


    35L vertical autoclave structure


    35L vertical autoclave application

    Tips: How to choose steam autoclave sterilizer?

    • Purpose and Application. Determine the primary purpose of the autoclave. Are you using it in a medical, laboratory, or industrial setting? Different settings might require different features and capacities.
    • Type of Autoclave. There are different types of autoclaves available, such as gravity displacement autoclaves, pre-vacuum autoclaves, and steam-flush pressure-pulse autoclaves. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for specific applications. Research and choose the type that best fits your needs.
    • Sterilization Requirements. Understand the types of items you will be sterilizing, as this will impact the size and features required. Consider factors like load volume, weight, and dimensions of the items.
    • Capacity. Autoclaves come in various sizes with different chamber capacities. Ensure that the autoclave you choose has enough space for the items you need to sterilize.
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