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    12 Way RF Power Divider, 2~8 GHz

    Economical price 12 way RF power divider and combiner with a frequency range from 2GHz to 8GHz for sale. This coaxial power splitter is a crucial component in microwave communication systems. Designed for efficiently distributing high-power RF signals, it plays a pivotal role in various applications such as GPS systems.
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    12 way coaxial power dividers and combiners play a pivotal role in distributing signals accurately across different components in microwave engineering, ensuring efficient transmission and reception. Whether employed in GPS systems or broader RF applications, power splitters exhibit versatility, reliability, and precision in splitting or combining RF signals for various purposes.


    • Model: ATO-PS12-2/8-SE
    • Frequency Range: 2~8 GHz (2000~8000 MHz)
    • Insertion Loss: ≤1.6dB (Excluding Theoretical Loss of 10.8dB)
    • Input Standing Wave: Typ.1.26/ Max.1.45
    • Output Standing Wave: Typ.1.18/ Max.1.25
    • Isolation: Typ25dB/Min.18dB
    • Amplitude Balance: ≤0.6dB
    • Phase Balance: ±3°
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Port Connector: SMA-Female
    • Withstand Power: 30W for Splitter, 2W for Combiner
    • Working Temperature: -45℃~+85℃
    • Surface Treatment: Black Paint
    • Dimension: 156*92*10mm
    • Weight: About 340g


    8 GHz 12 way RF power divider dimension

    Radio Frequency (RF) Parameter Diagram

    8 GHz 12 way RF power divider RF parameter diagram

    Tips: How does a power divider work?

    A power divider, also known as a splitter, is a passive electronic device that divides an input signal into two or more output signals with equal or defined power ratios. It typically consists of a network of transmission lines, resistors, or transformers. In its simplest form, a power divider can be a resistive network that evenly distributes power among its output ports. Alternatively, a Wilkinson power divider, a commonly used type, employs transmission lines and a specific impedance transformation to achieve equal power division. The device operates based on the principle of wave interference and impedance transformation, ensuring that the power is evenly split among the output ports while maintaining impedance matching. Power dividers find applications in various fields, such as RF and microwave systems, where distributing signals with minimal loss and impedance mismatches is crucial.

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