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    2 Way GPS Power Divider, 0.7~2.2 GHz

    Shop 2 way RF coaxial power divider online at economical price, frequency range from 0.7GHz to 2.2GHz. This two way GPS power splitter is a crucial component in microwave communication systems. Functioning as both a power combiner and splitter, it plays a pivotal role in distributing high power RF signals efficiently.
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    2 way RF power dividers can effectively split or combine RF signals with minimal signal loss utilizing microstrip and coaxial technologies. ATO two way GPS power splitter in incorporate fans for efficient heat dissipation to ensure the stability of high-power applications.


    • Model: ATO-PS2-GPS/P-TFI
    • Frequency Range: 0.7~2.2 GHz (700~2200 MHz)
    • Insertion Loss: ≤3.6dB
    • Combined End Standing Wave: ≤1.35:1
    • Distribution End Standing Wave: ≤1.30:1
    • Amplitude Balance: ≤0.5dB
    • Phase Balance: ≤±5°
    • Isolation: ≥20dB
    • DC Feedthrough Current: 600mA Max.
    • DC Feedthrough Voltage: DC~28V
    • ANT Port DC Voltage: = DC Feedthrough Voltage
    • Port Connection Form: TNC-Female
    • Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Guide


    2.2 GHz 2-way GPS power divider dimension

    Radio Frequency (RF) Parameter Diagram

    2.2 GHz 2-way GPS power divider RF parameter diagram

    Tips: What is the purpose of using an RF power splitter?

    A radio frequency (RF) power splitter serves the purpose of dividing an incoming RF signal into multiple output signals with equal or defined power distribution. This device is essential in various communication systems and RF applications where the signal needs to be distributed to multiple components, such as antennas, amplifiers, or transceivers. RF power splitters ensure efficient power sharing, enabling consistent and synchronized transmission across interconnected devices. They find widespread use in telecommunications, broadcasting, radar systems, and wireless networks, facilitating the creation of robust and interconnected communication infrastructures. By maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss, RF power splitters contribute to reliable and high-performance RF systems, supporting seamless data transfer and communication.

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