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    3 Way Coaxial Power Divider, 0.5~6 GHz

    3 way coaxial power divider with a microwave frequency range of 0.5GHz~6GHz is a crucial component in RF (Radio Frequency) systems, designed for efficient signal distribution. It serves both as a power splitter and a power combiner, facilitating the division of high-power RF signals into multiple paths or combining signals from various sources, utilizing microstrip technology for seamless integration into RF systems.
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    The coaxial power divider ensures reliable signal transmission, making it ideal for applications like GPS (Global Positioning System) where precision and accuracy are paramount. With its high-power handling capability, this power splitter & combiner allows for surface mount installation, enhancing versatility in various setups.


    • Model: ATO-PS3-0.5/6-NE
    • Frequency Range: 0.5~6 GHz (500~6000 MHz)
    • Insertion Loss: ≤2.8dB (Excluding Theoretical Loss of 4.8dB)
    • Input Standing Wave: Typ.1.26/ Max.1.50
    • Output Standing Wave: Typ.1.18/ Max.1.40
    • Isolation: Typ25dB/Min.18dB
    • Amplitude Balance: ≤0.8dB
    • Phase Balance: ±8°
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Port Connector: N-Female
    • Withstand Power: 20W for Splitter, 1W for Combiner
    • Working Temperature: -35℃~+75℃
    • Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Guide
    • Dimension: 130*74*20mm
    • Weight: About 510g


    6 GHz 3 way coaxial power divider dimension

    Tips: What are the advantages of using a power divider?

    A power divider, also known as a power splitter, offers several advantages in electronic systems. Firstly, it facilitates the distribution of input power among multiple output ports, enabling the simultaneous operation of several components or devices. This promotes efficient resource utilization and enhances system flexibility. Additionally, power dividers maintain impedance matching, minimizing signal reflections and ensuring optimal signal integrity. They play a crucial role in applications such as RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave systems, where signal distribution with minimal loss is critical. Power dividers are instrumental in achieving balanced power distribution, enabling consistent performance across connected components. Their compact and reliable design contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of electronic systems, making them indispensable in telecommunications, radar systems, and other applications requiring precise power distribution.

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