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    2 Way RF Power Divider, 0.5~6 GHz

    2 way RF coaxial power divider with a frequency range of 0.5GHz~6GHz for sale at a favorable price. This two way RF power splitter & combiner is a critical component in RF systems, particularly in microwave applications like GPS.
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    2 way RF coaxial power divider operates by dividing an input signal into multiple output signals with equal amplitude, utilizing various technologies such as microstrip or coaxial configurations. These two way power splitter and combiners handle high-power RF signals, providing consistent and reliable performance while maintaining signal integrity.


    • Model: ATO-PS2-0.5/6-SI
    • Frequency Range: 0.5~6 GHz (500~6000 MHz)
    • Insertion Loss: ≤1.0dB (excluding theoretical loss of 3.0dB)
    • Input Standing Wave: Typ.1.25/ Max.1.30
    • Output Standing Wave: Typ.1.12/ Max.1.20
    • Isolation: Typ23dB/Min.20dB
    • Amplitude Balance: ≤0.3dB
    • Phase Balance: ±3°
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Port Connector: SMA-Female
    • Withstand Power: 30W for Splitter, 2W for Combiner
    • Working Temperature: -40℃~+75℃
    • Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Guide
    • Dimension: 53.4*34.4*13mm
    • Weight: 50g


    6 GHz 2 way RF power divider dimension

    Radio Frequency (RF) Parameter Diagram

    6 GHz 2 way RF power divider RF parameter diagram

    Tips: What factors should be considered when selecting an RF power divider?

    When selecting an RF power divider, several critical factors must be considered. Firstly, frequency range compatibility is essential, ensuring that the divider operates within the intended frequency spectrum. The power handling capability must match or exceed the maximum power levels in the application. Impedance matching is crucial to prevent signal reflections and ensure optimal performance. Additionally, consider the insertion loss, which measures the signal power loss as it passes through the divider. Isolation between output ports is vital to prevent interference. Physical size and form factor, along with connector types, should align with the system requirements. Environmental considerations such as temperature range and ruggedness may be important for specific applications. Lastly, cost-effectiveness and supplier reputation contribute to a comprehensive evaluation of RF power divider options.

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