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    Linear Guideways, 1200 mm Linear Rails with 45 mm Guide Block

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    Get a 45mm linear guide block from a reliable linear rail manufacturer. The length of the linear guideways can be customized to match the linear slider. 300mm~1500mm CNC linear rail length for selection. Linear guide rails can achieve high speed, high precision and smooth linear motion, and are used for most automation requirements.
    SKU: ATO-LGB-45
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    High precision 300mm ~1500mm CNC linear rails offer precision and high quality at low prices, perfect for CNC precision machining and heavy-duty cutting machines. Other lengths of linear guideways can be customized. The 45mm linear bearing block is smooth and moves easily and gently on the linear track.

    Guide Block Features

    45mm guide block with high speed, low friction and noise, high precision, long working period, high reliability, smooth movement, high transfer efficiency, no clearance and preload is available online.


    ATO linear guides with guide blocks are widely used in CNC precision machining, heavy-duty cutting machines, punching machines, marble cutting machines, automation equipment, grinding machines, high-speed transfer equipment and injection molding machines.


    • Model: ATO-HGWCC45
    • Block Mounting: Top to Bottom
    • Sliding track: Linear guideways

    Construction of CNC Linear Rail and Guide Block

    Construction of linear rail and guide block

    1200mm Linear Rails with 45mm Guide Block Dimensions

    Dimensions of linear rail and guide bloc

    Datasheet (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 1200mm linear rails with 45mm guide block

    Tips: Lubrication of linear guideways

    Supplying insufficient lubrication to the linear guideway will greatly reduce the service life due to an increase in rolling friction. The lubricant provides the following functions:

    • Reduces the rolling friction between the contact surfaces to avoid abrasion and surface burning of the linear guideway.
    • Generates a lubricant film between the rolling surfaces and decreases fatigue.
    • Anti-corrosion.
    Existing reviews of Linear Guideways, 1200 mm Linear Rails with 45 mm Guide Block
    linear rails with xcellent precision
    I ordered 4 rails and sliders. I am very impressed with these. Super tight chocks, no wobble at all, virtually no rolling resistance, and smooth on and off the rail.
    From: Mat Gilbert | Date: 30/06/2022
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