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    120W Centrifugal Fan, 110V/220V, 2600 rpm

    A compact 120W dual voltage centrifugal fan is available in 220V or 380V, also customized in 110V, with an airflow of 330m3/h and a rated speed of 2600 rpm. Small centrifugal exhaust blowers have a built-in high speed motor with external rotor to ensure optimum airflow while minimising energy consumption.
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    120W low price centrifugal blower fan for sale, its rated voltage is 0.55A at 220V and 0.25A at 380V. With its advanced impeller design and durable construction, the ATO 120W centrifugal blower provides reliable performance in a variety of environments.


    Model ATO-130FLJ5
    Rated Voltage 220V 380V
    Rated Current 0.55A 0.25A
    Frequency 50Hz
    Power 120W
    Rotational Speed 2600 rpm
    Air Volume 330 m3/h
    Static Pressure 350 pa
    Noise ≤72 dBA
    Capacitance 2.2 uf /
    Wire length 1m 0.25m
    Distance 4m
    Weight 2.8kg


    • The 120W centrifugal fan uses pure copper coils for low losses, high efficiency, and fast speed.
    • Impeller dynamic balance is precisely calibrated to keep the blower running smoothly and prevent the centrifugal blower from running out of control during operation.
    • The carbon steel casing protection grid effectively prevents accidental debris on both sides of the blower, improving the safety of the centrifugal blower during operation.
    • ATO centrifugal fans can be installed freely at 360° and can be hung in a positive direction.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Centrifugal blower dimension 

    Power A B D E G H Φi J K L M N φO Φp Q T
    120W 55 82 48 65 80 105 4-φ6 100 130 180 110 130 4-φ8 4-φ3 200 210


    Centrifugal blower installation


    Centrifugal blower applications


    Centrifugal fans are commonly used in various industrial applications such as HVAC systems, chemical processing, power generation, wastewater treatment, and pneumatic conveying systems. They are also utilized in the manufacturing of materials such as plastics, paper, and cement. Additionally, centrifugal blowers can be found in applications related to food processing, mining, and automotive manufacturing.

    Centrifugal blower applications

    Tips: What is a centrifugal blower?

    A centrifugal blower, also known as a centrifugal fan, is a type of mechanical device used to move air or other gases in a variety of applications. It operates by using a rotating impeller or blade wheel to create a flow of air perpendicular to the axis of rotation, which is then directed through a series of ducts or chambers to the desired location.

    The impeller or blade wheel of a centrifugal blower typically consists of a number of curved blades that are mounted on a hub, and the rotation of the impeller generates centrifugal force that moves the air or gas outward from the center of the impeller. This force creates a high-pressure zone near the outer edges of the impeller, and the air or gas is then directed through a volute, or curved housing, which increases the velocity and pressure of the air or gas.

    Centrifugal blowers are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, including HVAC systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning units, and pneumatic conveying systems. They are often preferred over axial fans because they can generate higher pressures and are better suited for moving air or gas through ducts or other confined spaces.

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