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    12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 140mm x 140mm x 25mm

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    A small brushless DC cooling fan for sale, size of 140mm x 140mm x 25mm, rated voltage of 12V/24V, air flow 46CFM/64CFM/91.2CFM, input power 0.96W/1.2W/1.68W/4.32W. ATO brushless DC fans offer trusted performance with their advanced design and precision engineering.
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    The dc cooling fan is available in either 12 or 24 volt voltage. It has a fan speed of 1000rpm/1400rpm/2000rpm and dimensions of 140mm x 140mm x 25mm, the 24V DC cooling fan has a high airflow and a long service life.


    Model ATO-DC14025SLL ATO-DC14025BLL ATO-DC14025SLM ATO-DC14025BLM ATO-DC14025SLH ATO-DC14025BLH
    Rated Voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V
    Bearing Type Oily Ball Oily Ball Oily Ball
    Rated Current 0.08A 0.05A 0.08A 0.05A 0.12A 0.07A 0.12A 0.07A 0.17A 0.18A 0.17A 0.18A
    Input Power 0.96W 1.2W 0.96W 1.2W 1.44W 1.68W 1.44W 1.68W 2.04W 4.32W 2.04W 4.32W
    Fan Speed 1000±10%RPM 1400±10%RPM 2000±10%RPM
    Air Flow 46CFM 64CFM 91.2CFM
    Static Pressure 1.7mm-H2O 2.4mm-H2O 3.5mm-H3O
    Noise 24dB-A 31dB-A 37dB-A
    Dimension 140mm x 140mm x 25mm
    Material Plastic
    Certificate CE, UL
    Fire Rating UL94V-0
    Operating Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
    Operating Humidity 35% ~ 85RH
    Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
    Storage Humidity 35% ~ 85RH

     Dimensions and Curves (unit: mm)

    140mm dc cooling fan dimensions
    DC Cooling Fan Interface
    DC cooling fan interface one
    DC cooling fan interface two
    DC cooling fan interface three
    Tips: How to install a cooling fan in the case?
    The installation of the cooling fan in the chassis depends on the airflow in the heat source distribution area of the chassis. Generally, the cooling fan in the chassis is installed on the front side of the chassis. It draws strong cold air from the front side and blows it to the motherboard. Finally, the switching power supply cools the wind and the fan row Come out and produce convection.
    It is best to consider the orientation of the gas fluidity. The best plan is to install a cooling fan on the front and back, in a diagonal orientation distribution area, and then the heat dissipation effect of all the cases is very good. The front fan of the case blows inside and the rear fan Blow to the outside. As one of the most important links in computer peripherals, the choice of switching power supply can be said to be crucial.

    Existing reviews of 12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 140mm x 140mm x 25mm
    Quiet running DC fan
    I use the fans with PWM motor speed controllers and they work great, run stably, great design! highly recommended!
    From: Gavin | Date: 15/04/2022
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    Cheap cooling fan
    This has the best air airflow while being not unreasonably loud like other fans that move as much air, plus it was great cheap!
    From: Hahn | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Worth buying
    I bought three DC cooling fans. These fans are absolutely quiet and it was a bonus that new mounting screws and fan guards were included. I would recommend to anyone!!
    From: Keran | Date: 23/05/2022
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    Strong quiet cDC cooling fan!
    I bought this cooling fan to replace a fan in my wine fridge that died. It was easy to install and the holes lined up with everything. It's quiet, well build and good price.
    From: Paradox | Date: 25/05/2022
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    Well built DC cooling fan
    This DC cooling fan is well-built, quiet, and versatile, which makes it a great option for users who are looking for a top-performing cooling fan. I bought this fan two months ago. Highly recommended!
    From: Harless | Date: 15/12/2022
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