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    13/15/18/20 GPM Hydraulic Single Gear Pump, 3600 psi

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    Buy hydraulic single gear pump at good price. Displacement 13/15/18/20 Max. GPM for selection, high pressure 3000~3600 psi, rated speed 1800 rpm, max 3500 rpm, max volumetric efficiency 93%, mechanical efficiency 90%, oil inlet port thread 3/4 inch, outlet 1/2 inch, clockwise or counterclockwise rotary, installation flange SAE 2-bolt. Industrial/commercial hydraulic pump, small size, lightweight.
    SKU: ATO-HGPP-3580
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    Hydraulic single gear pump for sale. Available displacement 13/15/18/20 Max. GPM, maximum pressure 3600 psi, speed 500~3500 rpm, optional clockwise or counterclockwise rotary. The small hydraulic gear pump has applications in automobile, hardware, industrial machinery, textile, commercial machinery, chemical equipment, environmental protection, military industry, national defense, etc.


    Model ATO-HGP-3A
    Displacement mL/ rev
    6 8.4 11 14.3 16.5 19.2 23 25 28 30
    Max. GPM (Gallon/min)
    3 4 5 7 8 9 11 12 13 14
    Rated Speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
    Max. Speed 3500 rpm 3500 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
    Min. Speed 700 rpm 700 rpm 600 rpm 600 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm
    Rated Pressure 3000 psi (21 MPa)
    Max. Pressure 3600 psi (25 MPa)
    Volumetric Efficiency 90% 90% 93% 93% 93% 93% 93% 93% 93% 93%
    Mechanical Efficiency 88% 88% 88% 88% 88% 88% 88% 90% 90% 90%
    Weight 2.3 kg 2.4 kg 2.6 kg 2.7 kg 2.8 kg 2.9 kg 3.1 kg 3.2 kg 3.3 kg 3.4 kg
    Rotary Direction clockwise, counterclockwise
    Mounting Flange SAE 2-bolt
    Shaft Extension φ 17.48mm flat key

    Note: Calculate the actual displacement value according to the formula: Gallon/min=displacement (ml/rev)*rated speed 1800rpm/3785.412L (speed variation range 500rpm-3000rpm).


    • Hydraulic single gear pump uses high-strength aluminum alloy shell and alloy steel hard gear transmission, which is light in weight and stable in transmission.
    • Hydraulic single gear pump is suitable for SAE standard flange installation. The input shaft connection is woodruff key. Connection type of the oil inlet and outlet ports is thread.
    • Hydraulic single gear pump has an automatic compensation mechanism for axial and radial clearances, which enables the oil pump to maintain high volumetric efficiency and high mechanical efficiency for a long time.
    • Hydraulic single gear pump uses SP gears, with small fluctuation, high pressure, low noise and stable performance.
    • DU composite material bearings and high-performance sealing elements, small starting torque, good sealing performance, and strong anti-fouling ability, so that hydraulic single gear pump can work efficiently under harsh working conditions.

    13/15/18/20 GPM Hydraulic Single Gear Pump Dimensions Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 13/15/18/20 GPM Hydraulic Single Gear Pump, 3600 psi

    Displacement A B Oil Inlet Oil Outlet
    6 mL/ rev 105 50 3/4 inch 1/2 inch
    8.4 mL/ rev 109 51.5
    11 mL/ rev 113 54
    14.5 mL/ rev 119 57
    16.5 mL/ rev 123 59
    19.2 mL/ rev 127 61
    23 mL/ rev 134 65
    25 mL/ rev 137 66
    28 mL/ rev 141 68 1 inch 3/4 inch
    30 mL/ rev 145 70

    Tips: Why does the 20 GPM hydraulic single gear pump have internal leakage?

    20 GPM hydraulic single gear pump internal parts wear and tear will cause internal leakage. Among them, the large leakage area between the floating shaft sleeve and the gear end surface is the main part that cause internal leakage. This part of leakage accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total internal leakage. For the 20 GPM hydraulic single gear pump with internal leakage, its volumetric efficiency drops, and the output power is much lower than the input power. All of its losses are converted into heat, which will cause the 20 GPM hydraulic single gear pump to overheat. If the bonding plane is pressed tightly, a small amount of movement of the floating shaft sleeve during work will cause abrasion. As a result, the oil cylinder will rise slowly or cannot be lifted. Such floating shaft sleeves must be replaced or repaired.

    Existing reviews of 13/15/18/20 GPM Hydraulic Single Gear Pump, 3600 psi
    It's a excellent hydraulic single gear pump for the money
    How can the hydraulic single gear pump last longer?
    From: Ziv | Date: 22/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Correct installation and reasonable use of gear pumps are important to extend the service life of hydraulic system gear pumps. When the input journal of the gear pump is connected with the motor shaft, the coaxially error should not exceed 0.10mm. It should not be connected with a belt. In addition, the appropriate hydraulic oil should be selected according to the pump operating instructions. Add a filter at the inlet of the gear pump, and regularly filter or replace the hydraulic oil based on the working environment of the hydraulic system.
    Can this produce 20 GPM?
    I'm looking for a hydraulic pump with a min output of 19 GMP at 3600 psi. I saw this one. Can this produce 20 GPM? What are the drive motor requirements?
    From: Shaun | Date: 06/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. The maximum displacement is 35ml/rev, if you want to produce 20GPM/Min, the motor speed should be at least 2000-2500 rpm. In fact, 1 US gallon (gallon) = 3785.411784 milliliters (ml), and the correct displacement calculation is Gallon/min = displacement (35ml/rev) * motor speed 2500rpm/ 3785.411784 milliliters.
    2.  Motor power = (pressure x displacement x motor revolutions) / 60000
    But unfortunately, we do Not provide 2000-2500 RPM 3-phase motors.
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