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    150W Digital Soldering Station, 110V/220V

    Affordable price digital display soldering iron station 150 watt, AC voltage 110V/220V, best temperature controlled soldering iron, fast heating speed, save time and fast welding.
    SKU: ATO-SS-3600
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    Best portable soldering iron stand 150W, feel comfortable, high temperature resistant, safe to use, fully automatic tin discharge function, high quality lead-free welding.


    Model ATO-SS-BK3600
    Max Power 150W
    AC Voltage 110V/220V
    Output Frequency 60Hz/50Hz
    Temperature Range 50~600°C
    Temperatur Stability ±2°C
    Tip to Ground Resistance <2mV
    Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
    Tin Speed ≈7mm/s~65mm/s
    Tin Output (Automatic Mode) 0.7~655mm
    Tinning Time Interval 0~1s
    Motor Speed 0.2~100r/m
    Precision 0.7~50 mm±5%
    Diameter of Tin Wire φ0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
    Dimensions 340*290*210mm

    Soldering Station Features

    1. High-frequency eddy current heating, fast heating speed, high-quality lead-free soldering, can be equipped with a variety of soldering iron tips, quick and easy to replace.
    2. Microcomputer control, large screen display, digital temperature correction.
    3. Fully automatic tinning function, tinning speed, tin output, tinning time adjustable, two tin hoses can be configured, easy to use.
    4. Two types of feed hose options. Long hoses are suitable for active welding and short hoses are suitable for fixed welding. It can only be used as a lead-free soldering station.
    5. A pedal switch or a manual switch can be used. The welding direction can be changed as needed to make the welding more flexible and convenient.

    Tips: What is a Soldering Station?

    A soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in electronic soldering processes. By soldering solder (usually referred to as tin wire) to melt it, the two workpieces are welded together. There are many ways to control the temperature, but the simplest one is the adjustable power control. The soldering station uses a soldering iron to quickly transfer heat to the workpiece to control the temperature. Another method is to use a thermostat to control the temperature by turning the power on or off. There is also a more advanced solution to use an integrated chip to detect the temperature of the tip and then adjust the temperature of the thermostat to control the temperature. When the temperature of the soldering iron is lower than the set temperature, the main unit is turned on, and the power supply is supplied to the thermostat.

    When the temperature of the soldering iron is high, the temperature is high, and the main unit is turned off to stop heating.

    Temperature rise and temperature recovery are an important indicator of production efficiency, so choosing a good soldering station depends on his temperature control capability. This is a huge gap with traditional soldering irons.

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