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    90W Digital Soldering Station, 110V/220V

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    Buy a 90W soldering station with a digital LCD display online. It has a stylish and ergonomic design, is easy to use and comfortable to hold, offers precise temperature control and accurate soldering. The soldering station is suitable for a wide range of applications from electronics and circuit board work to jewellery making and small appliance repair.
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    This digital soldering station has a maximum power of 90 watts, an input voltage of 220V/110V and an output voltage of 36V. With an automatic shut-off function, overheat protection and a safety bracket to prevent accidental burns, this digital soldering station is a safe and reliable tool for novice and professional users.


    Model ATO-SS-2000A
    Max Power 90W
    AC Voltage 110V/220V
    Output Frequency 60Hz/50Hz
    Output Voltage 36V
    Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
    Temperature Range 180~450°C
    Temperatur Stability ±2°C
    Tip to Ground Resistance <2mV
    Hand Piece Cord 1.2m
    Weight 2.6kg
    Dimensions 165*130*105mm

    Soldering Station Features

    1. The aluminum alloy case of the soldering station is resistant to falling and durable, and the wave pattern design increases the impact resistance and can prevent radiation damage generated inside the high frequency.
    2. The equipotential is usually to avoid the electric shock hazard of the potential difference to the human body. The leakage potential of different electrical equipment is the same. Generally, the equipotential is directly grounded, which can effectively prevent static electricity from damaging the precision components.
    3. The metal iron frame is made of aluminum alloy, which has excellent electric insulation and is equipped with a cleaning sponge and a clean steel ball inside.
    4. The heat sink fan at the bottom of the soldering station is designed to provide strong heat dissipation and extend the life of the soldering station.

    Digital soldering station
    Tips: How to Choose a Soldering Iron or Soldering Station?

    1. Temperature return speed
    Temperature return speed: When soldering a solder joint, the temperature of the soldering tip will drop slightly due to a large amount of heat transferred to the solder joint. When the welding is completed and the welding tip leaves the solder joint, the temperature gradually rises to the original temperature. Then the speed from the completion of welding to the temperature rise to the original temperature is called the temperature return speed.
    When the first welding work is performed, the temperature of the welding tip drops, and when the first welding is completed to prepare the second welding, the temperature rises. The soldering iron with slow heat recovery speed is slow due to the slow heat recovery. When several welding work is performed, the temperature may be insufficient, but the soldering iron with high heat recovery speed can maintain stable temperature output during continuous welding.

    2. Heat capacity
    Solder tips of different sizes have different heat capacities. The larger the soldering tip, the larger the heat capacity, and the less heat is lost during soldering. On the contrary, the thinner the soldering tip, the less the heat capacity, and the more heat is lost during soldering.

    3. Soldering nozzle temperature accuracy
    Nowadays, the soldered electronic components are becoming smaller and more precise, and the temperature requirements are becoming more and more strict, so the temperature accuracy of the soldering iron is also very important. Many people think that if the set temperature is different from the actual temperature of the tip, the performance of the soldering iron is problematic or damaged. This is not the case. The difference between the tip temperature and the actual temperature is mainly affected by two factors, including the size and shape of the soldering resistor, and the loss of the soldering tip and the heating core.

    4. Welding temperature management
    When using a tempered soldering iron, some operators may intentionally or unintentionally change the temperature. After the change, the temperature is not adjusted back to the original temperature, which may affect the welding work. In order to avoid such a situation, the temperature control soldering iron must be equipped with a temperature adjustment lock function to lock the set temperature.

    5. The safety of electronic components
    When soldering, the soldering iron is in direct contact with the electronic components. If the soldering iron itself has static electricity or a large leakage voltage, it will destroy some electronic components that are sensitive to static electricity or leakage voltage. Therefore, when soldering some sensitive components, choose an electric soldering iron with anti-static function (ESD). The ATO soldering station has an antistatic function.

    6. The safety of the user
    When selecting a soldering iron, it is also necessary to take care of the operator's use. If welding is performed on the production line, the operator needs to hold the soldering iron for welding for a long time. The design of the shape of the soldering iron itself is very important. If the soldering iron itself is too large or too heavy, the operator will feel fatigue or discomfort, which will reduce the work efficiency. A handle that is particularly lightweight, comfortable and easy to control, can be used for a long time without feeling tired, thus improving work efficiency. In addition, the use of a low-voltage heating core can avoid electric shock due to leakage. The ATO soldering station is light and comfortable, suitable for long hours of work.

    Existing reviews of 90W Digital Soldering Station, 110V/220V
    The digital display is very useful.
    The digital display on the soldering station provides real-time temperature information, enhancing accuracy and control during use. This feature is particularly helpful for tasks that demand precise temperature settings, contributing to the overall efficiency of the soldering process.
    From: Zephyrine | Date: 22/11/2023
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    Great solder station at a great price!
    I bought this 90w digital solder station to replace my old one, and I spend the time for a new solder station and I searched and searched for what I thought would be best, and landed on this.
    From: Stults | Date: 28/06/2022
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    An excellent soldering station for me
    The powerful heating element with the continuous monitoring and control means 90W soldering station works easily on smaller and bigger things without adjustment or even tip change unless the physical shape requires it. Definitely recommend!
    From: Paulo | Date: 22/05/2022
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    Better than I expected
    Purchased this as it had the features that I wanted: temperature control, holder, and a variety of tips. I was very pleased at the ease of controlling this iron, and the result was better than I expected.
    From: Drew | Date: 24/04/2022
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    Best soldering station for hobbyists
    I used this soldering station for a week, and it worked flawlessly. At first I was only attracted by its beautiful appearance. I didn't think it was such a perfect soldering station. Once you started using it, it immediately warmed up. The method of use is very simple, it is suitable for hobbyists like me. I won't feel tired when I use it for a long time. The handle is very comfortable to hold, I think I can't live without it! There is nothing to hesitate about this price.
    From: Fred | Date: 07/11/2019
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