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    16-20 mm (0.62" - 0.78") 3 Point Inside Micrometer

    Low price 3 point inside micrometer for sale online. It is used for measuring the inner dimension of the hole diameter, groove, etc. 16~20 mm (0.62" to 0.78") internal micrometer provides a 150 mm extension rod to measure the size of deep holes easily and conveniently. Durable and stable bearing steel materials, clear scale, accurate reading.
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    Get a high-quality inside micrometer at low cost. 16~20 mm (0.62" to 0.78") range, 150 mm extension rod, suitable for precision measurement of blind and through holes. 3 point internal micrometer features durable and stable bearing steel materials and a clear scale for an accurate reading, mainly used to measure inside dimensions like the inside diameter of a hole or tube.


    • Inside micrometer is suitable for the precision measurement of blind holes and through holes.
    • 3 point inside micrometer is equipped with a 150 mm extension rod, which can measure the size of deep holes easily and conveniently.
    • Clear graduations laser-etched on a satin chrome finish for easy reading. Highly durable because of carbide-tipped measuring surfaces. Spindle hardened ground and lapped for ultimate accuracy.
    • 16~20 mm internal micrometer built-in force limiter ensures accurate and repeatable readings.


    • Model: ATO-SHAN-1620
    • Range: 16~20 mm
    • Types: 3 Point Inside Micrometer
    • Material: Bearing Steel
    • Measurement Type: Internal Diameter Measurement
    • Resolution: 0.005 mm
    • Extension Rod Length: 150 mm
    • Scale Process: Laser Scale
    • Accuracy: 0.004/0.005 mm
    • Package: Plastic Box


    Inside micrometer details


    The inside micrometer is an instrument for the accurate linear measurement of the diameter, thickness, length and other dimensions of solids. 3 point internal micrometer is mainly used to measure internal dimensions such as the internal diameter of a hole or a tube and is widely used in mechanical engineering, machining and most mechanical industries.

    Inside micrometer applications

    Tips: Functions of 3 Point Inside Micrometer

    • The 3 point inside micrometer has good durability and impact resistance, and can directly measure the inner diameter from the bottom of the hole.
    • It can be measured close to the bottom of the blind hole.
    • 3 point internal micrometer is equipped with an extension rod for measuring depth, suitable for models with a measuring range of 6 mm or more.
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