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    53-60 mm (2.08"- 2.36") 3 Point Inside Micrometer

    The provided inside micrometer is a precision micrometer that measures the internal dimensions of an object. It is made of bearing steel material, stable and durable, with a 2.08" to 2.36" inch (50~63 mm) measuring range and a 150 mm extension rod. 3-point internal micrometer is suitable for measuring blind holes and through holes.
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    Inside micrometer for sale online. It is available with a 50 to 63 mm (2.08" to 2.36") measuring range, bearing steel material, and a 150 mm extension rod, 3 point internal micrometer is used for measuring the inside diameter dimensions of parts such as bores, and grooves.


    • Inside micrometer is suitable for the precision measurement of blind holes and through holes.
    • 3 point inside micrometer is equipped with a 150 mm extension rod, which can measure the size of deep holes easily and conveniently.
    • Clear graduations laser-etched on a satin chrome finish for easy reading. Highly durable because of carbide-tipped measuring surfaces. Spindle hardened ground and lapped for ultimate accuracy.
    • 53~60 mm internal micrometer built-in force limiter ensures accurate and repeatable readings.


    • Model: ATO-SHAN-5360
    • Range: 53~60 mm
    • Types: 3 Point Inside Micrometer
    • Material: Bearing Steel
    • Measurement Type: Internal Diameter Measurement
    • Resolution: 0.005 mm
    • Extension Rod Length: 150 mm
    • Scale Process: Laser Scale
    • Accuracy: 0.004/0.005 mm
    • Package: Plastic Box


    Inside micrometer details


    The inside micrometer is an instrument for the accurate linear measurement of the diameter, thickness, length and other dimensions of solids. 3 point internal micrometer is mainly used to measure internal dimensions such as the internal diameter of a hole or a tube and is widely used in mechanical engineering, machining and most mechanical industries.

    Inside micrometer applications

    Tips: Inside Micrometer vs. Outside Micrometer

    The inside micrometer is used to measure the diameter of the inner hole, and the outside micrometer is used to measure the diameter of the outer circle, and it can also measure the thickness.

    The inside micrometer is used for precise measurement of inner dimensions. When measuring and using the inside micrometer, it must be connected with the micrometer head with the largest size rod and connected to the measuring contacts in sequence. When measuring the hole with the inside ruler, the measuring surface of the measuring contact should be supported on the surface to be measured, adjust the micrometer cylinder so that the measuring surface on one side of the micrometer cylinder swings in the radial section of the hole, find out the minimum size, then tighten the fixing screw to take it out and read it, or it can be read directly without tightening the screw.

    The structure of the outer micrometer is composed of a fixed ruler frame, an anvil, a micrometer screw, a fixed sleeve, a micrometer cylinder, a force measuring device, and a locking structure.

    Therefore, the difference between the inside micrometer and the outside micrometer is the difference in the measurement method and measurement position.

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