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    1800KV Brushless RC Boat Motor

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    Powerful brushless RC boat motor with 1800KV rotation speed, Max. speed up to 50000KV. Waterproof brushless motor for RC boat comes with motor size Φ36*80 mm, Max. current 105A and Max. voltage 19V. Small brushless motor has high-purity copper coil for maximum performance.
    SKU: ATO-RB-1800
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    Factory price 1800KV brushless motor with 22V Max voltage,Max. power 2000W. High torque brushless motor with high power and rotation speed to provide a longer run time for RC boat.


    • Model: ATO-RB-3680
    • Rotation Speed: 1800KV
    • Max. Current: 105A
    • Max. Voltage: 19V
    • Max. Power: 2000W
    • Motor Size: Φ36*80 mm
    • Winding Type: WYE
    • Number of Poles: 2Y
    • No-load Current: 3.4A
    • Max. Speed: 50000KV
    • Shaft: Φ5 mm
    • Number of Rotor Poles: 4
    • Weight: 340g


    • 1800KV brushless motor has a 4-stage 12-slot high-torque motor design.
    • CNC machined billet, 6061-T6 aluminum heat sink.
    • High-purity copper coil for maximum performance.
    • High-speed ABEC5 oversized bearings.
    • Highly balanced rotor, high smoothness, accuracy and high speed.
    • Ultra-thin (0.2mm) stator blades.
    • Removable/replaceable rotor.
    • Precision design for maximum energy conversion.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    1800KV brushless rc boat motor dimension


    1800KV brushless rc boat motor details1800KV brushless rc boat motor details

    Tips: Is using brushless motors better than brushed motors for RC boats?

    Yes. RC boats usually use more brushless motors. The quality and performance of brushless motors are better than brushed motors, and brushless motors do not require long-term maintenance, and they last longer. RC boats with brushless motors are usually more expensive than boats with brushed motors.

    Existing reviews of 1800KV Brushless RC Boat Motor
    Outstanding performance
    I recently had the opportunity to test out the 1800KV Brushless RC Boat Motor, and I must say it left a lasting impression on me as an avid RC boat enthusiast. The 1800KV rating lives up to its promise of speed and torque. My RC boat experienced an exhilarating boost in acceleration, and I was consistently impressed with the top-end speed it achieved.
    From: Ryan | Date: 26/10/2023
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