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    2 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator

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    2 kVA variac voltage regulator has adjustable voltage from 0 to 300V, variac variable transformer with LCD display for digital visualization. ATO variable transformers are widely used in industry, scientific experiments, public utilities and household appliances.
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    Single phase variac variable transformer for sale, rated current 6.4A, output voltage adjustable from 0 to 300V AC. The maximum rated power of 2000 VA. 2 kVA variac voltage regulator with overload protection makes it safer to use.


    • Model: ATO-APS-2000VA
    • Rated Power: 2 kVA
    • Number of Power Phase: Single phase
    • Input Voltage: 110V/220V
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Rated Full Offset Current: 14.5A/6.4A
    • Output adjustable voltage: 0-300V
    • Actual Output Current: (actual output voltage * rated current) / maximum output voltage
    • Weight: 8 kg
    • Dimension: 203mm x 176mm x 180mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Variac voltage regulator dimension


    Variable transformers are widely used for applications such as temperature control, control lighting and testing of laboratory equipment under overvoltage and under-voltage conditions.

    Variac voltage regulator applications

    Tips: What is a single-phase voltage regulator?

    Single-phase voltage regulators are generally used in research, experiments, testing, heating and insulation, soft start, etc. Single-phase voltage regulators provide different voltages to the load, and the voltage can be adjusted linearly in the case of energization. Small single-phase regulators are contacting, the capacity is generally below 30KVA, single-phase 220V input, 0-250V output; three-phase 380V input, 0-420 output. Large single-phase regulators are more types, and capacity, and specifications, can be designed and produced in accordance with the requirements. Like the most common regulator is a single-phase regulator, also often called an automatic single-phase regulator.

    Existing reviews of 2 kVA Single Phase Variac Voltage Regulator
    Good little variable transformer
    Arrived on time in good condition. This variac is strong, sturdy and it does what it was designed to do. I may purchase another one for another application.
    From: martha | Date: 14/11/2023
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