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    9 kVA 3 Phase Variac Transformer

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    3 Phase variable transformer input voltage 380V, output voltage selectable from AC 0-430V or 0-500V, 9 kAV capacity, variac voltage regulator with built-in purple copper coil, strong conductivity, safer to use.
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    Selling cheap 9 kVA variac variable transformer, three phase, input voltage 380V, metal dashboard adjustable voltage 0-430V, adjust different voltage, corresponding to different output power.


    • Model: ATO-VVR-TH9
    • Rated Power: 9 kVA
    • Input Voltage: 380V
    • Output Voltage: 0~430V, 0~500V
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Rated Full Offset Current: 12A
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5 MΩ
    • Pressure Resistance: 2000 V/1min
    • Weight: 31 kg
    • Dimension: 270mm x 210mm x 460mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Wiring method

    Installation and use of three-phase variac transformer should be noted: the wiring must be firmly pressed, there can be no loose.

    Three-phase variac transformer is a three-phase four-wire system, the input side should be connected to the zero line, when using the regulator to adjust the voltage should be adjusted from 0V to high voltage, the output voltage is different corresponding to the load power is different.

    Variac transformer wiring

    3 Phase 9 kVA Variac Transformer Details

    Three phase variable transformer details

    Three phase variac transformer detail

    Tips: What is the difference between a contacting regulator and a transformer?

    1. Different working principles: the input range of the voltage regulator is any sliding from 0V to the rated value range, and the point of the input voltage can be adjusted at any time to meet the stability of the output voltage. The transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage to achieve voltage conversion according to a certain transformation ratio.
    2. Different properties: A transformer is an electrical device used for electrical energy conversion, which can convert alternating current energy of one voltage and current into another alternating current of voltage and current of the same frequency. Simply put, it is to convert different AC power into AC power of the same frequency.
    3. The control motor is different: the working principle of the voltage regulator is the same as that of the transformer, the only difference is that it has a control motor, which can adjust the output voltage by changing the coil tie ratio.
    Existing reviews of 9 kVA 3 Phase Variac Transformer
    I purchased 2 ATO variac transformers
    I bought a 0-500V variac transformer, the voltage in this range can be adjusted, the voltage adjustment is very accurate, the instrument panel is also very clear, and the quality is really good.
    From: Iver | Date: 12/05/2022
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