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    20W Static Eliminator, AC230V / 50Hz, 95CFM

    ATO 20W static eliminator with input voltage of AC 230V/ 50HZ, ion balance of 0±5V. The maximum air volume is 95 CFM and can be adjusted. It less than 1.2s static elimination time. This ion fan has a strong antistatic ability, which can eliminate 1kV static electricity to less than 100V within 1 second.
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    20W static eliminator with 40× 90cm² capacity, operating temp with -5~ 45℃. External dimension of 290 (L) × 220 (W) × 175 (H)mm. The DC ion fan has several advantages: high power efficiency and stable voltage balance.


    20W static eliminator is used to eliminate the static electricity generated by human body, instrument equipment, sensitive electronic components, etc. it is designed and manufactured for effective electrostatic elimination and electrostatic protection, and is suitable for other electrostatic protection places such as anti-static dust-free workshop, electronic warehouse, laboratory and so on.


    1. The front cover of the product body adopts a double-layer detection and isolation design, which can truly andstably detect unbalanced voltage and isolate external interference source signals.
    2. The internal design of the machine adopts the front-mounted DC fan and layout of the rear-mounted high-voltage launcher. This design allows the positive and negative ions of high-voltage ionization to be fullymixed by the fan to have a better effect of eliminating static electricity.
    3. The rear cover of the fuselage adopts a spring buckle protection design, which can easily disassemble theprotective cover and instantly clean the high-pressure launch needle and fan blades.
    4. Built-in circuit switch, cut off the power immediately after removing the protective cover to protect mai-ntenance personnel from high-voltage electric shocks.
    5. The launch needle is designed as a plug-in type that is easy to replace. The launchrame can be easilyreplaced without replacing the launch needle, and it also saves maintenance costs.
    6. Automatic cleaning device, convenient for ion needle maintenance.


    Model ATO- BK401
    Input voltage AC230V/ 50HZ
    Power 20W
    Air volume Max 95CFM (adjustable)
    Ion balance 0±5V
    Static elimination time ≤1.2s
    Cocerage 40× 90cm²
    Operating temperature -5~ 45℃
    External dimension 290 (L) × 220 (W) × 175 (H) mm
    Weight  2kg

    Static Test Result:

    Decay test conditions Operating voltage: AC230V Testing valtage: 1kV-100V Temperature: 25
    Distance 30cm 60cm 90cm
    Decay time 1s 2.5s 5s
    Ion balancing 0 ± 5 0 ± 4 0 ± 3
    Wind speed ( level 1-3 ) 5 5 5

    Note: The test results will vary due to the humidity and cleanliness of the test environment time to eliminate static electricity ( without dust-proof net ).

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