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    36W Static Eliminator, 5.0m³/ min

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    Static eliminator with 36W, ion balance of 0±5V. Input voltage is AC 230V / 50Hz. The ozone production is less than 0.03PPM at 15cm from the air outlet. It less than 1s static elimination time. And it with two air outlets.
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    36W static eliminator with 70× 13cm capacity. External dimension of 700 (L) × 210 (W) ×180 (H) mm. Low power consumption, during high working volume.


    1. Low power consumption, during high working volume.
    2. Double insulation layers in the front to test any unbalanced voltage and to protect from any other signalinterference.
    3. DC front placed, positive and negative ions will be mixed and better processed through and to eliminate electrostatic discharge.
    4. Button clip design: easy to pull off the body cover and clean emitter point and fan blades.
    5. When body cover ispulled out, turning off the built in circuit board power. lt is safe for operators from electric shocking.
    6. Easy to replace ion emitting point.


    BK5900 can be used to control electrostatic charges in electronics and medical devices manufacturing andassembly, and plastic film assembly and cutting, rolling and encapsulation. Mold removing, plastic processing, test and packing. Flat panel display.


    Model ATO-BK5900
    Input voltage AC 230V / 50Hz
    power 36W
    Air volume ≤ 5.0m³/ min
    Ion balance 0±5V
    Static elimination time ≤ 1s
    Ozone Generated ≤ 0.03PPM (object 15cm away from the unit )
    Cocerage 70×13cm
    External Dimension 700 (L) x 210 (W) x 180 (H) mm
    Weight 5.7kg

    Static Test Result:

    Decay test conditions Operating voltage: AC220V Testing valtage: 1kV-100V Temperature: 25℃
    Distance 30cm 60cm 90cm 120cm
    Decay time 0.8s 1.2s 3.5s 6.3s
    Ion balancing 0±5 0±4 0±3 0±2
    Wind speed (1-3 grade) 3 3 3 3

    Note: Testing result may change due to the change of temperature and humidity of environmen within 30cm testing distance.

    Tips: Why do you choose 36W static eliminator?

    • ATO 36W static eliminator has low power consumption, during high working volume.
    • Full load power is 32W which equivalent to 2s mallenergy saving lamp and another kind is 45W in full load which equivalent to 3 small energy saving lamp.
    • And stable ATO 36W static eliminator also has voltage balance: 0±5 which can be more precise after calibration.
    Existing reviews of 36W Static Eliminator, 5.0m³/ min
    Worth buying
    I'm happy with this static eliminator. This 36W static eliminator with low power consumption and high working volume. It can fast static elimination in long distance.  Worth buying!!!
    From: Joherry | Date: 14/11/2022
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    Works great
    It works just well to remove the static issues on my plastic injection product during very dry wintertime. Very quick, only take 3 second only.
    From: Dolly | Date: 20/04/2022
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    Sincerely recommend everyone to buy
    I am very happy that the 36W static eliminator and deliver was done on time. It played a great role in the elimination of static electricity. We all like it and recommend buying it.
    From: Knauman | Date: 26/09/2021
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