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    35W Static Eliminator, AC 230V / 50Hz, 5.6kV AC

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    Static eliminator with 35W, ion balance of 0±10V. Input voltage is AC 230V / 50Hz. The output voltage is 5.6kV AC and with 35W cold wind, 320W hot air. It less than 3.3m³/ min air volume. The wind speed and volume can be adjusted.
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    35W static eliminator with 90 × 180cm effective range, operating temp with 0~50℃. External dimension of 525 (L) × 270 (W) × 240 (H) mm.


    1. Large range of ion wind area, and the wind speed and air volume can be adjusted.
    2. The air blowing angle can be adjusted up and down, and there are table type, arm type and hanging type to choose from.
    3. There is a special ion emission cleaner.
    4. With cold air heating function and over temperature automatic protection function.


    Model ATO-BK5700-W
    Input voltage AC 230V / 50Hz
    Power 35W (cold wind) 320W (hot air)
    Output voltage 5.6kV AC
    Air volume ≤3.3m3/ min
    Ion balance 0±10V
    Ozone ≤0.33ppm
    Effective range 90×180cm
    Operating temperature 0~50℃
    External Dimension 525 (L) x 270 (W) x 240 (H) mm
    Weight 6.4kG

    Static Test Result:

    Decay test conditions Operating voltage: AC220V Testing valtage: 1kV-100V Temperature: 25℃
    Distance 30cm 60cm 90cm 120cm
    Decay time 0.8s 1.2s 3.5s 6.3s
    Ion balancing 0 ± 10 0 ± 7 0 ± 5 0 ± 3

    Not: According to the 30 cm test data of the front panel, the test results will vary with the ambient air temperature and humidity during the test.

    Tips: What are 35W static eliminator application scenarios?

    • 35W static eliminator are widely used.
    • They are mainly used in the processing and assembly of electronic products, the shearing, coiling and laminating of cameras, watches and other precision instruments.
    • The assembly of plastic films, and the demoulding of mold products.
    Existing reviews of 35W Static Eliminator, AC 230V / 50Hz, 5.6kV AC
    Suit for my camera
    I bought this product to remove static from my camera. It works very well. This 35W static eliminator is very well made for a good price. I'm very happy with this product.
    From: Shaun | Date: 13/04/2022
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