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    25W Static Eliminator, 5.6kV AC, 2.4m³/ min

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    ATO 25W static eliminator with 5.6kV AC voltage, ± 10V ion balance, 2.4m³/ min air volume. It generated less than 0.03PPM ozone 15cm in front of the static eliminator, which can quickly neutralize the static electricity.
    SKU: ATO-SE-25W
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    25W static eliminator with 40cm X 150cm capacity, the static eliminating time less than 1s. Low noise 45dB, operating temp with 0~50℃, max air flow: 100CFM, low power consumption. It has function of anti-static and environmental protect.


    1. Compact, light weight, portable, adjustable speed, direction of air can be changed.
    2. Fast static neutralizing.
    3. Automatic ion balance.
    4. Large coverage of ionic air current.
    5. Long life leakage transformer and short circuit protection.
    6. Built in lon emitter point cleaner.
    7. Low power consumption.


    Power rating 25W 
    Voltage 5.6kV AC
    Ion balance ± 10V
    Air volume 2.4m3/ min
    Capacity 40cm x 150cm
    Static eliminating time ≤1s
    Ozone Generated ≤ 0.03PPM (object 15cm away from the unit)
    Noise 45dB
    Operating temp. 0~50℃
    Dimensions 140 (L) x 220 (H) x 84 (W) mm
    Weight 2.9kg
    Accessories filter sponge, filter case

    Static Test Result:

    Decay test conditions Operating voltage: AC220V Testing valtage: 1kV-100V
    Temperature: 25℃
    Distance 30cm 60cm 90cm 120cm
    Decay time 0.8s 1.2s 3.5s 6.3s
    Ion balancing 0±10 0±7 0±5 0±2


    Static Eliminator Detail 1

    Static Eliminator Detail 2

    Tips: What are static eliminator advantages:

    1. ATO static eliminator equipped with detection of isolated net-works can really stable detection ofunbalance voltage and isolate external inter.
    2. Adjustable metal bracket arc before and after rotating bracket.
    3. Adjustable multi-stagewind and simple design with wind adjustment knob.
    4. It also has power swich which bring you super convenient experience.
    Existing reviews of 25W Static Eliminator, 5.6kV AC, 2.4m³/ min
    Happy with this 25W static eliminator
    Appears to be well built and robust. Even records with extreme levels of static will be neutralized in a matter of a few seconds. I'm very happy with this static eliminator.
    From: Drew | Date: 12/04/2022
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