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    220V Momentary Push Button Switch, 1 NO + 1 NC

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    Small size normally open momentary push botton switch, 22mm, LED lamp voltage 220V, lamp beads color red, yellow, blue, green and white optional, stainless steel momentary push button switch can be used in various environments.
    SKU: ATO-PBS-220V
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    Low cost waterproof momentary push botton switch, 220 volt, installation hole size 22mm, 1 NO + 1NC, electrical life 200 thousand times, mechanical life 1,000,000 cycles.


    Modle ATO-PBS-220V
    LED Lamp Voltage 220V
    Installation Size 22mm
    Action Form Reset/Self-lock
    Contact Combination 1 NO + 1 NC, 2 NO + 2 NC (Can be customized)
    Wiring Insert
    Rated Capacity 250V/3A, 12V/5A, 24V/3A
    Lamp Bead Color Red, yellow, blue, green, white
    Explosion Proof Grade IK08
    Protection Level IP65
    Temperature Range -25℃~80℃
    Operating Pressure 3N~5N
    Shell Material Stainless Steel
    Button Material PC Plastic
    Internal Moving Contact Silver Alloy
    Base Material Nylon PA66
    Nut Material Copper Nickel Plated
    Mechanical Life 1 Million Times
    Electrical Life 200,000 Times
    Weight 22.8g
    Warranty 12 Months

    12V Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switch Dimension (unit: mm)
    Momentary push button switch dimension
    Momentary Push Button Pin Circuit Arrangement Diagram
    Momentary push button pin circuit arrangement diagram
    Types of button switches

    1. Protective button: A button with a protective shell that can prevent the internal button parts from being mechanically damaged or people touching the live part. Its code is H.
    2. Movable break button: Under normal conditions, the switch contact is a kind of button that is connected.
    3. Moving and closing button: Under normal conditions, the switch contact is a kind of button that is disconnected.
    4. Movable on/off button: Under normal conditions, the switch contacts have both on and off buttons.
    5. Illuminated button: The button is equipped with a signal light, in addition to issuing operation commands + also doubles as a signal indicator, its code is D.
    6. Action click button: that is, mouse click button.
    7. Explosion-proof button: a button that can be used in places containing explosive gas and dust without causing explosion, its code name is B.
    8. Anticorrosive button: It can prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gas, and its code is F.
    9. Waterproof button: with a sealed shell to prevent rainwater from intruding, its code name is S.
    10. Emergency button: There is a large red mushroom button head protruding outside, which can be used as a button to cut off the power in an emergency, and its code is J or M.
    11. Open button: a button that can be used to be embedded and fixed on the panel of a switch board, control cabinet or console, and its code is K.
    12. Interlocking button: A button with multiple contacts interlocking with each other, and its code is C.
    13. Knob button: the rotary operation contact with the handle. There are two positions on and off, generally a type of panel-mounted button, and its code name is X.
    14. Key-type button: A button that can be operated by inserting and rotating the key to prevent misoperation or for special personnel to operate. Its code is Y.
    15. Self-holding button: A button with a self-holding electromagnetic mechanism inside the button, and its code name is z.
    16. Combined button: a button with multiple button combinations, its code name is E.

    Existing reviews of 220V Momentary Push Button Switch, 1 NO + 1 NC
    Superb push button switch
    I needed some push button switches for a project and these are reasonable quality for the price. Haven't exercised them a lot yet so don't know how well they will hold up, but initial impression is good.
    From: Drew | Date: 06/06/2022
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    Satisfied with push botton
    Item received as described, securely boxed and in excellent condition. I ran several tests and was satisfied with the quality and overall performance of these 220V push button switches.
    From: Devenport | Date: 30/05/2022
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    good appearance and function
    220v momentary push botton switch works great, very easy to install. The button is smaller than it looks on the amazon picture.I was surprised when I received it. Materials look to be of good quality, and the button engages and disengages with a positive distinct tactile feel. I used it as an auxiliary button in my car.
    From: Nguyen | Date: 25/05/2022
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    Momentary push button switch feels great
    Great value for money, the momentary push button switch has a beautiful design and good materials, I replaced the old light switch and the new switch works great, very functional.
    From: Oned | Date: 12/05/2022
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