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    25W 12V/24V 7000rpm DC Brushless Vibration Motor, Variable Speed Display Control

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    Variable speed display 25W DC vibration motor for sale, rated speed of 7000rpm, works on 12V or 24V. Accurate digital display, energy efficient, can be used for packing feed machine. Free shipping and manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-25DCBVM12-Z03
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    High speed 25W DC brushless vibration motor, can choose 12V or 24V, digital variable speed display, 7000rpm rated speed. Low cost and manufacturer direct sale.

    25W 12V/24V Brushless Variable Speed Display Control Vibration Motor Features:
    1. Stable operation, long life, can adjust the speed of rotation.
    2. Brushless vibration motor is energy-efficient and efficient. The power saving rate is 40-60% of ordinary motors. It has a long span lifetime and 5 times longer life than ordinary motors.
    3. Regulator positioning is accurate and rapid, analog quantity.
    4. Highly light, resistant to deformation and oxidation. Can withstand long-term high-speed operation.

    25W 7000rpm DC Brushless Vibration Motor Specification

    Model ATO-25DCBVM12-Z03
    Rated Speed 7000rpm
    Rated Voltage 12V 24V
    Rated Current 2.4A 1.2A
    Power 25W
    Force 15 KG
    Protection Rank IP65 (Dustproof and Waterproof)
    Insulation Grade F (The Highest Heat Resistant Temperature is 155°)
    Cooling Mode Natural Cooling (IC410)
    Working System S1 (Continuous Duty)
    Dimensions 105.4mm x 75mm x 47.35mm
    Weight 1.2 kg

    25W 12V/24V DC Brushless Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
     DC bushless variable dispaly speed vibration motor dimensionMicro 25W DC Brushless Vibration Motor Appearance Contrast Chart
    DC brushless vibration motor variable speed-display control.

    Existing reviews of 25W 12V/24V 7000rpm DC Brushless Vibration Motor, Variable Speed Display Control
    Perfect Variable Vibration Motor!
    I have another old vibrating motor, it has been working for 12 years, I  bought a 12v brushless  vibration motor in ATO, I can't believe such a small vibration motor,
    actually there is such a big power, 7000 rpm, I praised elegant appearance, and has the
    function of regulating, anyhow I very satisfied with the deal.
    From: Jacson | Date: 24/06/2019
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