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    50W 24V 7200rpm DC Brushless Vibration Motor, Speed Display Controller

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    Low noise 50W DC brushless vibration motor, with speed dispaly controller, current 3.3 amps, rated speed of 7200rpm, high speed, strong power and small size. The power saving rate is 40%-60% of the average motor, 12 month warranty.
    SKU: ATO-50DCBVM-244
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    Adjustable 7000rpm DC brushless vibration motor, 50W, long service life and high speed, special voltage and speed can be customized.

    1. +/- 20% voltage tolerance.
    2. Max/Minimum speed range that can be achieved via potentiometer: 1000-7200rpm.

    1. Brushless vibration motor is energy-efficient and efficient. The power saving rate is 40-60% of ordinary motors. It has a long life and 5 times longer life than ordinary motors.
    2. Regulator positioning is accurate and rapid, analog quantity.
    3. Highly light, resistant to deformation and oxidation. Can withstand long-term high-speed operation.
    4. Special voltage and speed can be customized, please contact us.


    Model Model ATO-50DCBVM-244
    Voltage 24V
    Rated Speed Max: 7200rpm, Min: 400rpm
    Current 3.3A
    Power 50W
    Force 1.3 kN (Test at no load)
    Note: In practical application, the seismic force may be reduced by about 30%.
    Protection Rank IP65 (Dustproof and Waterproof)
    Insulation Grade F (The Highest Heat Resistant Temperature is 155℃)
    Cooling Mode Natural Cooling (IC410)
    Working System S1 (Continuous Duty)
    Weight 1.8 kg
    Dimensions 146mm x 110mm x 69mm
    Frame No 4
    Certificate CE

    Dimension (unit: mm)
    25W DC brushless vibration motor dimension

    Frame No A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
    4 146 110 68.5 9 60.4 27.5 45 27.5 30.5 91.5 9 17.5 55 M-16

    DC Brushless Vibration Motor Internal Structure
    DC brushless vibration motor internal structure

    DC brushless vibration motor applications


    Different vibration motor installation and combination methods can generate different vibration trajectories for the vibrating screen machinery to complete various sieving operations. For example, installing a single vibration motor can generate circular or elliptical motion trajectories, which is long used in rotary vibrating screen And other equipment, installed with the same model and the opposite direction of rotation of the vibration motor can generate a linear motion trajectory, often used in linear vibrating screens and other equipment.

    It is also possible to install two vibration motors with different models and different speeds to make the device generate a composite motion trajectory, usually in two forms: dual-frequency composite and dual-amplitude composite. For example, two vibration motors are installed at the feeding end and the discharging end of the vibration screening equipment, so that the feeding end presents large amplitude and low frequency vibration, while the output end presents small amplitude and high frequency vibration. The middle of the vibration screening equipment overlaps two This kind of movement makes the equipment play a more effective screening role.

    This video will show you how to run a variable speed DC vibration motor.

    This video will show you how the speed controller controls the DC brushless motor.

    Existing reviews of 50W 24V 7200rpm DC Brushless Vibration Motor, Speed Display Controller
    50W DC brushless vibration motor speed
    What is your 24V DC brushless vibration motor minimum speed?
    From: Frizz | Date: 19/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    7200rpm DC vibration motor minimum speed is 1000 rpm.
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