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    3hp (2kW) Variable Speed Motor, 3 Phase, 2P/ 4P/ 6P

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    3hp variable speed motor with 2-pole/ 4-pole/ 6-pole are optional, rated current 4.9A/ 5.2A/ 6A, rated torque 7Nm/ 14Nm/ 21Nm. The variable speed electric motor is widely used in places that require energy-saving continuous operation and frequent work, such as fans, air compressors, water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.
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    Competitive price adjustable speed electric motor with cheap price. Three phase motor variable speed features constant power frequency conversion range 50-60Hz/ 500-100Hz, B3 mounting type and CE certification. Small variable speed electric motor has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, low vibration and reliable operation.


    Model 90L 100L 112M
    Numbers of pole 2P 4P 6P
    Rated current 4.9A 5.2A 6A
    Rated torque 7Nm 14Nm 21Nm
    Locked-rotor torque/ rated torque 2.2 Tst/ Tn 2 Tst/ Tn 1.9 Tst/ Tn
    Minimum torque/ rated torque 1.4 Tmin/ Tn 1.6 Tmin/ Tn 1.3 Tmin/ Tn
    Weight 35kg 42kg 45kg
    Constant power frequency conversion range 50-60Hz 50-100Hz
    Rated power 3hp (2kW)
    Mounting types B3
    Rated voltage 380V (380V-480V can be customized)
    Fan voltage 380V
    Constant torque frequency conversion range 3-50Hz
    Locked-rotor current/ rated current 9 Ist/ In
    Maximum torque/ rated torque 2.8 Tmax/ Tn
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months


    Variable frequency motor of 3hpVariable frequency motor of 3hp

    Variable frequency motor of 1hpVariable frequency motor of 1hp

    Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm) Overall dimensions (mm)
    90L 140 125 56 56 50 8 20 90 10 180 195 160 195 410
    100L 160 140 63 63 60 8 24 100 12 205 215 180 245 465
    112M 190 140 70 70 60 8 24 112 12 245 240 190 265 470



    2000W Variable Speed Motor Details

    Tips: Special Design of Variable Speed Motor.

    Electromagnetic design:
    For variable speed motors, since the critical slip is inversely proportional to the power frequency, it can be started directly when the critical slip is close to 1. Therefore, overload capacity and starting performance do not need to be considered too much, but the key issue to be solved is how to improve the motor The adaptability of non-sine wave power supply. The method is generally as follows:
    1) Reduce the stator and rotor resistance as much as possible.
    Reducing the stator resistance can reduce the fundamental copper loss to compensate for the increase in copper loss caused by higher harmonics.
    2) In order to suppress the higher harmonics in the current, the inductance of the motor needs to be appropriately increased. However, the rotor slot leakage reactance is large, the skin effect is also large, and the copper loss of high-order harmonics is also increased. Therefore, the magnitude of the motor leakage reactance must take into account the rationality of impedance matching in the entire speed range.
    3) The main magnetic circuit of the variable frequency motor is generally designed to be unsaturated. One is to consider that higher harmonics will deepen the saturation of the magnetic circuit, and the other is to appropriately increase the output voltage of the inverter in order to increase the output torque at low frequencies.

    Existing reviews of 3hp (2kW) Variable Speed Motor, 3 Phase, 2P/ 4P/ 6P
    Highly recommend it!
    Some one I knew has this type of variable speed motor, and he recommended. It works really good exactly like it’s supposed to and I also recommend this variable speed motor.
    From: Donnell | Date: 04/05/2022
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