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    5.5hp (4kW) Variable Speed Motor, 3 Phase, 2P/ 4P/ 6P

    4kW variable frequency motor with rated voltage 380V (380V~480V can be customized), 2P/ 4P/ 6P can be chosen, B3 mounting type. It is widely used in places that require energy-saving continuous operation and frequent work, such as fans, air compressors, injection molding machines, reducers, water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.
    SKU: ATO-VFM-112
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    Lower cost variable frequency motor with rated power 4000 watt, rated current 8.3A/ 9A/ 10.1A, 2.8 Tmax/ Tn maximum torque/ rated torque.


    Model 112M-2 112M-4 132M
    Numbers of pole 2P 4P 6P
    Rated current 8.3A 9A 10.1A
    Locked-rotor torque/ rated torque 2.2 Tst/ Tn 2 Tst/ Tn 1.9 Tst/ Tn
    Minimum torque/ rated torque 1.4 Tmin/ Tn 1.5 Tmin/ Tn 1.3 Tmin/ Tn
    Weight 61kg 72kg 79kg
    Constant power frequency conversion range 50-60Hz 50-100Hz
    Rated power 5.5hp (4kW)
    Mounting types B3
    Rated voltage 380V (380V-480V can be customized)
    Fan voltage 380V
    Constant torque frequency conversion range 3-50Hz
    Locked-rotor current/ rated current 9 Ist/ In
    Maximum torque/ rated torque 2.8 Tmax/ Tn
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months


    Variable frequency motor of 5.5hpVariable frequency motor of 1hpVariable frequency motor of 1hp

    Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm) Overall dimensions (mm)
    112M 190 140 70 70 60 8 24 112 12 245 240 190 265 470
    132M 216 178 89 89 80 10 33 132 12 280 275 210 315 575

    Tips: Special Design of Variable Frequency Motor.

    Structural design:
    In the structural design, the main consideration is also the influence of the non-sinusoidal power supply characteristics on the insulation structure, vibration, and noise cooling methods of the variable frequency motor. Generally, the following issues should be paid attention to:
    1) Insulation grade, generally F grade or higher, strengthen the insulation to ground and the insulation strength of the turns, especially considering the ability of the insulation to withstand impulse voltage.
    2) For the vibration and noise of the motor, it is necessary to fully consider the rigidity of the motor components and the whole, and try to increase its natural frequency to avoid resonance with various force waves.
    3) Cooling method: Forced ventilation cooling is generally used, that is, the main motor cooling fan is driven by an independent motor.
    4) Measures to prevent shaft currents, bearing insulation measures should be adopted for motors with a capacity exceeding 160KW. The main reason is that the asymmetry of the magnetic circuit is easy to occur, and the shaft current is also generated. When the currents generated by other high-frequency components work together, the shaft current will greatly increase, resulting in damage to the bearing, so generally insulation measures must be taken.
    5) For constant power variable frequency motors, when the speed exceeds 3000r/min, special high-temperature-resistant grease should be used to compensate for the temperature rise of the bearing.


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